Black Tie Stables

For those who have not heard, Black Tie Stables run by Richard Wright suffered a huge tragedy on Wednesday evening when the barn went up in flames. So far, at least 16 equine souls have been lost. There are still horses that are unaccounted for.  Here is the most recent article as of this afternoon:


This is every horse owner’s worst nightmare. If you are willing to donate, the Arabian Horsemens Distress Fund is taking donations. ┬áHere is the link if you would like to make a donation:



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  1. shawntell says:

    I am a local here (not a horse owner, but with a history of working race horses) and I am devistated to hear this news and see the fire and aftermath of the stable. I laid some flowers and left a card for Mr. Wright, but I feel I should do more! I would love to donate to this charity, however, I can’t seem to get the page to pull up:( can you just verify the URL for me? Thanks!

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