USEF Show Recognition and Rating

Hey all, guess who’s back. :) I’m finished with treatment and cleared to get back to as normal a life as I can manage, which isn’t much at the moment. I have a few lingering side effects from the chemo, but am meeting with my boss next week to discuss my options for coming back to work. So, progress is being made. I don’t know how regularly I’ll monitor the site quite yet. My first order of business is to get the 2012 calendar posted and track down any show results I’ve missed from last fall and this spring (better late than never).

Anyway, I was just checking out what shows might be in my area that I could poke around at for some fun this spring. I looked at the Prize List for Midwest Charity and noticed a note saying “Midwest Charity is also a USEF recognized Morgan show, rated, “A”. The Morgan breed will carry USEF recognition next year for the 2013 show but will also have no rating.” So they’re rated “A” this year but won’t have that next year? What goes into a show having an “A” rating? Costs? Paperwork? Why would they drop this? From an exhibitor’s perspective, does the lack of an “A” rating make the show any less appealing?

I could probably find the answers to my questions with a little help from google, but I’m feeling lazy so I’ll just lob it out for you folks to answer for me.

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  1. StacyGRS says:

    Welcome back! So glad you’re doing well and getting back to your life…wonderful news!!!

  2. emmy says:

    Glad to hear good news from you. Welcome back!!

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