Classic Pleasure question

I have shown in this seat for several years but never with a trainer so have had no professional guidance.  I’ve read here something about a horse who “stood up” in the line and wasn’t necessarily penalized for it?  If “standing up” is also considered parking out/stretching out – I thought we were supposed to do this in Classic Pleasure?  Please advise.  Also, can someone give me a good description of what makes a good Ladies Classic Pleasure horse as opposed to an Open Classic Pleasure horse?  I’ve always shown my horses in both and done well in both so wasn’t sure.  My apologies for what may seem like very amateur questions. 


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  1. leslie says:

    I’m not sure without seeing it in context, but I’d guess that “standing up” in this case meant the horse reared. As in, “he stood up and waved to the crowd.” Parking out in the lineup is standard practice in classic pleasure. Rearing, not so much.

    Theoretically, a ladies horse should be more refined and elegant where an open horse should be more bold and powerful. But the judging criteria are exactly the same for the two divisions, so horses that do well in one will probably do well in the other.

  2. Montehorse says:

    I agree with Leslie’s statement on “standing up”. I really think it means rearing-up.

    A ladies horse should be well mannered and more refined then an open horse. The horses that I am seeing win in Ladies Classic Pleasure are very pretty long-necked horses that carry themselves well. The open horses are more forward moving. If a horse has both qualities, it’s more likely to excel in both divisions.

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