Just for fun…

At the recent Morgan Medallion we (Rushton Stables) held a scavenger hunt for the Jr Exb’s entered at the show. There were items they had to collect from barns (and return before they got their time stopped:), bonus questions that they could answer to get time taken off, and obviously, they were timed. First prize was to be a ride on 4 time World Grand Champion CCR’s Outrajus Corajus, who, at 19 yrs old, went to this year’s Medallion just for this special ride. Casey McBride donated his photography services and an 8 X 10 to the winner and Take One Video donated this video of the ride to the winner.

12 yr old Shaunicy¬† Sturm knew what the prize was and intended to try her best to win it! She had always dreamed of riding “OC” and she was NOT going to let this chance to do so pass her by! When her family was headed to lunch, determined Shaunicy announced that she was staying at the barn as she had not yet done her scavenger hunt and could not risk missing it. We saw her zipping around the grounds, running to the various barns gathering and then returning her items. When she was done, she had the best time but there was still another hour and a half for others to try to beat her. She excitedly relayed this info to her mom on the phone and waited with all the patience she could muster until the winner was announced during the evening session that night. When she found out she had won, this was one excited kid!!


We had a practice ride for her on Thursday, as OC had never done anything like this with such a small person and she had never ridden such a big horse! They were great in their practice and we had no doubt she’d do just fine. After the last class of the matinee session Shaunicy rode OC into the ring to the cheers of many that had come up to the gate and trainers box to watch this fun ride.


We had a blast working with Shaunicy…what a star she was! And we couldn’t have asked for a more appreciative winner. She did a great job with OC…here’s a link to the video. If you want a smile, it’s worth watching:)









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  1. Peppermintpatti says:

    This is the cutest thing ever Stacy. Thanks so much for sharing. OC is just as beautiful as ever. I love that child she so cute and looks like she had the time of her life!

    Janie Denning

  2. StacyGRS says:

    She’s super cute and did an amazing job! We were worried that his size alone would be hard for her, but she wasn’t fazed. And we were wondering if he’d even know she was there! But he was great.We were proud of them both and Shaunicy was SO appreciative! She’s as good of a kid as she is cute:) I thought others might enjoy seeing it as much as we did. The only bummer is that you can’t see her smile on the video…she beamed the whole time! The pics (on Casey’s site) show that better.

  3. emmy says:

    I can’t imagine the thrill that she must have had! :-) The video is adorable, and they both look like they were having a great time. Thanks for sharing this, and thank you for doing this. I’m sure that you really made her year!! :-)

  4. JstPAM says:

    Awesome job Stacy!!

  5. TudorOaks says:

    This was such a great idea! And I love that OC looks so pumped to be back in the ring.

  6. kim viker says:

    Isn’t he just something! WOW! She really can ride him; they make a neat, neat looking pair. Does he ever have a trot on him or what??!!! Congratulations to her for such a great ride and Thanks to Rushton stables for such a neat idea.

  7. MorelandFarm says:

    What a good boy!! So exciting for Shaunicy! That is how a Morgan stallion SHOULD be! =)

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