New England Questions

My husband and I are going to New England to watch this weekend and it is our first time going to this show.  I have a couple questions. 

First, I believe there is an entrance fee and I was wondering how much it was and for what period of time?  I just need to know if I need to buy some type of pass or something to make it the most economical. 

Second, is parking easy to find and if so, where should I look? 

Third, where is the best place to sit to watch?  The pictures generally show the box seats that people have purchased and I was just wondering where general admission type seating was. 

Thanks in advance!


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  1. colwilrin says:

    There is free grandstand seating that is good. I like to stand at the rail, but for someone coming to watch and entire session, that would get tiring.

    Make sure you stop in Northampton for a meal at Fitzwillies. You have to try this appetizer they have. It is a 4-5 cheese foundue-type dip with bread dippers. OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    Yep…I am definitely making the trip next year.

  2. hilariethomas says:

    There was no admission fee yesterday, however, not sure if that changes for Friday and Saturday nite stake classes.

  3. comoshun says:

    There is normally a fee for the weekend for non-exhibitors, but it is nominal (maybe $5/person). Parking is across the street in the fields or the ballpark, and there is a complimentary shuttle service from the gate to the ring if you don’t want to walk (just ask the person working the gate). Enjoy the show!

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