Amt Owned Trained and Shown…

How many AOTS (Any Discipline) ppl are out there that would participate at Grand National if they had the classes??? Seems like this is the one class they have at most of the Morgan Horse Shows that has never made it to the National Prize List…

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  1. cnovoto says:

    I know of about 5 amateur riders off the top of my head! Luckily, Nationals is in our backyard so its pretty easy to make it to OKC :)

  2. cnovoto says:

    Ok, revision: make that 8 or so!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Some shows are what I call Trainer shows, not meant for your typical amateur. Nationals in one of those. I’ve never been to Nationals and am not planning to ever go. Having an AOTS class would not change my mind.

  4. Morganmom says:

    That would be super! I know of at least 7 more AOTS exhibitors who would enjoy showing at the Nationals and adding this class would certainly open up their options.

  5. MorganCrest says:

    Do you think one discipline woud have more entries then the others??? My opinion is the Hunter AOTS seems to be the largest here on the East Coast. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try and find out what it would take to get these classes added for years to come.

  6. blondie says:

    What is the difference between AOTS and Amateur?

  7. rubygirl82 says:

    I think this is a great idea–but like Jennifer said, Im not sure how many aots would come to OKC just because that class is available.

    To Blondie, and amateur is a rider that isn’t paid therefor is not a professional, they can ride a horse that is professionally trained or owned in amateur classes. In the AOTS division, an amateur is riding/driving a horse they THEY own, train and show…no professionals involved.

  8. blondie says:

    Yes, that is how I always interpreted it also, but recently I was told the AOTS stood for Amateur Owner To Show, not Amateur Owned Trained and Shown.

  9. leslie says:

    Blondie, that always throws me, too. I think because there’s also the acronym JOTS, and that’s got nothing to do with who trained the horse, right?

    In response to the original question, I love the idea of having those classes at OKC, but for me, and I expect many other ammy owners, the bigger barriers to that show are the cost, time, and travel involved. That and not having a horse to show there, but even if my horse was ten years younger and still in his prime, I think I would have to eat ramen for a year to save up for an OKC adventure.

    That said, in the hypothetical future where I have the money, the horse, and the three-horse, slant-load trailer with living quarters, yep, I’d absolutely go for the AOTS classes!

  10. MorganCrest says:

    I just like the fact that it would be one more class I could show in. If I went this year I could show in two classess (HP Amt Geldings and Ladies) and then the championships. It would be nice to just have one more class (That fits my title as an Amt a little more “AOTS”) for the amount of money it costs to get there and stay for the week. Even if they just made it a GN Finals Classs that would be awesome.

  11. Montehorse says:

    I would definitely consider going for this….

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