Live streaming of Morgan shows

I just looked on the New England website and saw that is doing the online streaming from the NEMHS. There’s nothing up about the show yet, but apparently they did the CT Morgan live stream and charged for it.

Since the Bluegrass Morgan Classic had free online streaming, I was kind of hoping that was a trend that would spread. The big QH and western sport shows are all online for free viewing and have been for a few years. Same with the Arab regionals and nationals. Right now you can watch the Appy or Shetland pony nationals for free. Even the Lexington Jr. League is free to watch online this year.

I don’t know what kind of arrangement the Grand National and NEMHS have with their videographers, but it seems to me that it’s time to get on board with the free viewing. Most of the services sell ads around the video player, and I guess that subsidizes the cost of streaming. had video from some of the Arab shows and I think they broadcast the Saddlebred World Championship last year. How do we get in on that?

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  1. Carley says:

    i LOVED watching grand national on livestream last night. I didn’t like paying for it tho. Having free livestreaming would only increase exposure.

  2. rodmanstables says:

    Agreed. I was disappointed last year for the GN & WC …ordered the coverage, paid a lot…not impressed with the quality or how it wasn’t divided out into a separate window for each class. The year before, they had it organized very well, you could quickly skim & click on to the ones you wanted.

  3. Trisha says:

    I personally love watching classes at shows that I can’t attend or have never attended but I can’t always bring myself to shell out the money required to be able to watch. If there is a free live streaming; I’ll be watching. I’m not even particularly interested in Saddlebreds and I’ve watched bits of Junior League that going on right now because it’s free!

    I feel like if we had the opportunity to watch more of these shows free it would help the show in the long run. How many people have watched classes and because of those classes wanted to attend the show next year? I’m sure there was someone out there that wanted to attend the Bluegrass show because they liked the looks of the ring. This was the Second annual Bluegrass Morgan Classic and they could do it free, so why not the regionals?

  4. Windenhill says:

    It costs upwards of $1,500/day to provide a streaming live feed for an event. In order to provide this free, the event needs to sell enough advertising to cover the expense, as we all know horse shows don’t have the revenue these days to pay for it out of their own pocket.

    If we all promoted the live feed companies and those companies or events made a concerted effort to drive advertising to them, I’m sure they would provide this as a free perk.

    I saw a note about the live feed for Bluegrass classic just a few days before the show, and by the time I went to the site and saw the “Click here to advertise” links, the company was too busy to respond to my query. I would have immediately paid for an advertisement for the event for They got back to me after the show, but of course that was too late.

    Encourage your shows/events to pursue advertisers and I’m sure you’ll see lots more free webcasts.

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