Fine Harness

  We are getting Dottie (Rsurene First Date) ready for her driving debut.   Unfortunately, in looking over our old fine harness (which we have not used for years) I find that it really needs replacing, as rot has set in on the straps.   Does anyone have a solid but used fine harness for sale out there?   Dot  is not yet 2 years old but will be a big girl and is approaching 15 hands already.   We hope (of course) to sell her, but are planning to show her at only several shows, and one of them should be Mid-A.  Our cart is old as well but should clean up pretty well.    If someone even was willing to rent a harness to us for the course of the show season I would be very appreciative.

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  1. emmy says:

    Check the “Online Saddleseat Tack Sales” page on Facebook. There’s a Smuckers fine harness listed on there ($750, with bag).

  2. Thanks! Never heard of that site before.

  3. SeaSmoke says:

    I have the Smuckers listed for a friend on facebook. PM me @ and I can get you pics and details.

  4. Thanks for the comments. We found a Walsh from another Morgan owner!

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