An Update from The Morgan Connection

Dear Morgan Connection Friends

Thank you for the emails/letters about my decision to retire. Your
well wishes mean a lot to me. Scott’s new business opens its doors
March 1st, 2011 so needless to say we have been busy.

What I do want you to know is that The Morgan Connection has a new
owner/publisher!!! After many weeks of negotiating with numerous
parties it was actually a last minute entry that won my heart.

MATT SILVA, my senior manager who has worked with me for the past
eleven years, is assuming the reins. In all the negotiations I was in,
every party knew that I considered Matt to be instrumental in a smooth
transition and pretty much all of them knew that they wanted him to be
a part of the future.

What I didn’t anticipate was that Matt Silva and his family were
already weighing up the opportunity to step forward and put in a bid.
Matt knew the price tag and he knew the negotiations were underway.

Matt Silva is well known to most of you who have any dealings with The
Connection. He brings with him that association coupled with his
passion and understanding of the industry and a work ethic second to

I hope you will join me in welcoming Matt and his young family as
owners of The Morgan Connection. With him comes a team of writers and
a history of twenty years that has cemented this magazine as the first
choice of enterprises coast to coast.  The team is excited and
motivated about 2011 and beyond. My role will be one of an endorser
and consultant (just as it would have been with any of the other four
parties who were in negotiations).

Matt will develop the 2011 season and sending out literature shortly.
Expect to hear from him for his plans for the show season, feature
articles and then of course the signature Commemorative Issue. He also
plans to be at shows this year to meet all of you with whom he has
worked for many years.

I cannot think of anyone to whom I would rather hand over the reins.
Between its loyal base and with Matt at the helm I know The Connection
can move on to new horizons. Your support would be a huge start for
his new business. Your encouragement and endorsement equally so.

Yes, I will be around to help Matt!! Also my Scott with his new
business. Retirement? Well, I guess that has to wait a few more

Elizabeth Hobby

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