Another Above Level

I just came across a new e-zine created by Saddlebred sport horse enthusiasts and it’s called…Above Level.

I skimmed it, and it’s pretty interesting. They cover show and sport topics plus a couple of health and rescue articles. There’s no advertising, so I imagine it has to be a volunteer effort at this point.

The ASB world has a lot of the exact same melodramas that we have. The sport horse people think the show horse people are favored by the powers-that-be. The show horse people think the sport horse people want to get rid of them. Groups of long-time members sue the association for confusing reasons. So with all that, I think it’s cool that a group of members apparently decided to take things into their own hands and create what appears to be a positive, honest, diverse publication to celebrate their breed. Kudos to them.

On the other hand, they took our name. What’s up with that?? Oh well, they missed out on the domain, anyway.

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