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I am an amateur female rider trying to get ready for my first show season ever and can’t find anything that fits correctly.  Unfortunately the size 10 bottom doesn’t match the rather well endowed upper half of me<G>  I would like some supportive material that doesn’t look too dowdy.  I think I am going to have to go custom for a decent fit.  Does anyone have any suggestions on sources for affordable show clothing and suggestions for colors, and styles in the ladies or amateur divisions?

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  1. Jan says:

    Try Mj Skelenicka who makes beautiful custom western clothing for adults and junior exhibitors. She may also have some resale items from time to time. Her email is

  2. oklunn says:

    I have a client in my barn that is amazing at making show clothes. She is VERY affordable and loves what she is doing. We are in the process of getting my new western outfit ready for this coming show season. She is able to make everything, chaps, jackets, vests etc. Let me know if you would like her information and I can forward that on to you. She is able to do things long distance since we are here in Minnesota. if you’re interested :)

  3. rodmanstables says:

    Have you heard of “Show Season” in Scottsdale, AZ? When I lived/worked out there, we used them for a couple of the riding clients at the stable I worked for. The neat thing about them is they offer totally custom-made clothing for saddle seat, hunt, western, and dressage…and even show hack for the arabian people. A lot of their clients are arabian people, so some of their stuff is a little less conservative to cater to them…but they really do have everything. Their fabric and pattern selection is endless, and I found the service to be excellent!! Probably not going to be a bargain, however. Anyway, just an idea. :) Happy shopping!

  4. StacyGRS says:

    Show season’s stuff is just beautiful, but not inexpensive:) They do a great job and really have an eye for what will work.
    I do love their stuff but was rather disappointed when I asked them to do some sort of a sponsorship for our Morgan Medallion show and was told they “really don’t do Morgan people these days” so they wouldn’t do anything. Sadly, I had just gotten about $3K’s worth of clothes from them and I know alot of barns use them, but apparently not enough to give back something. I’ve gotten nothing from there since. Doing sponsorships is eye opening…Sheplars has done something every year and they are in OKC!! I make sure I send my clients to the store each year:) Becker Brothers/ Carl Meyers has also been wonderful…I use them any chance I get as well. I think we need to support those that try to support the industry. Platinum has been wonderful and we proudly use it on our show horses!

  5. rodmanstables says:

    I personally don’t know why they didn’t sponsor, but honestly I don’t know if that’s a reason to not use them. As a business owner myself, I’ve turned down certain sponsorships myself because either A. I didn’t have it to give at the time, or B. I didn’t believe that I would get enough return on the investment for it to make sense to do that particular one. Obviously I don’t know why they didn’t, but I’m saying that it may have been legitimate. Just my opinion.

    as a side note, I love my becker bros. suits!

  6. StacyGRS says:

    I would agree that there is a limit to donations that a business can give. That said, some places gave us something small…a pair of gloves, a whip, a tie pin…I know $$ is hard to come by, but products are usually a bit easier and when it is the closest regional for that breed to you and you DO have clients in that breed, well, it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. I still love their western clothes, but, given a choice, I’ll always try to use any company that attempts to give back to those that buy from them.

  7. avonlea says:

    Thanks for some great leads on custom western outfits! Can’t wait to check them out and see where it leads me.

    Coming from a western stock horse background I was always taught that the cuff color on your sleeve should match the glove color but I don’t always see this in the Morgans. The idea was to have a smooth flow from the arm to the hand and dark glove colors de-emphasized movement as well as darker chap colors “quieted” leg movement.

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