People’s Choice Awards

Does anyone have the list of People’s Choice Award winners?  I know they are available on the Saddle Horse Report site, but you have to be a subscriber to see them.  I’m curious to see who won what!  I know people will eventually advertise, but that will take a while.

Could someone copy and paste the results?

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  1. underdog88 says:

    I agree- someone please post them!

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    I don’t have them or I would!

  3. mikado12 says:

    I get Saddle Horse Report (“hard” copy) and haven’t receive mine yet. Patience!

  4. ManD says:

    I think they have the high point awards finalized but I haven’t seen anything yet on the website for People’s Choice – I’ll post once I find it.

  5. mbk says:

    We got our certificate today saying that the NYSMHS Western NY Morgan Show was reserve champion in the “Most Improved” horse show category.

    2011 dates…May 26th – 29th Hamburg, NY


  6. StacyGRS says:

    We just got an e-mail saying that SYP High Definition was overall ama park harness horse of the year and reserve Overall park horse of the year:) Hanna Johnson was reserve 16-17 SS Eq rider of the year and TE Ammunition was Jr Exb 14-15 horse of the year.

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