Morgan Crossbreeding

Hey all!

What do you think about crossbreeding? Is it beneficial to the Morgan breed or could it be an outlet of little use? Should Morgan stallion owners¬†charge more or less for mares of other breeds? The Morgan X Arabian or Morab, Morgan X Welsh/Pony have been around for a while, but maybe I’m young or are there are¬†”newer” Morgan crosses coming into their own, Morgan X Friesian or Moriesian, Morgan X Warmblood/Holsteiner/Hanoverian, etc.

At the end of the day… why crossbreed at all? Can one not find a single horse or breed that will and can fit their needs?

Thanks for your answers!

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I’ve wondered this often too empressive. I often wonder if the popularity of the half-Arab in particular is what sparked the availability of half-Arab classes at shows. Or if the Arab world came up with marketing the half-Arab and added those classes as a way to generate interest in the breed as a whole.

    In these times of “designer breeds” with dogs in particular I do wonder if some sort of half-Morgan presence might in turn grow our breed.


  2. empressive says:

    Yes, I look at the Arabians and wonder that as well. I recently saw a Percheron X Morgan foal and the breeders were very excited about breeding their Morgan mare to a Warmblood stallion next. I personally cannot see why, but then a friend of mine and I “somehow” acquired a Holsteiner mare and my friend wants to breed her. No matter how I look at this mare I just see major faults (like not as pretty as my Morgans… yeah that’s a fault.) My friend asked if she could breed the mare to one of my Morgans. Hence my curiosity.

    Thanks for replying on this Rae. It is a bit controversial I guess, but then everything is. Even toilet paper rolls.


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