Corporate sponsorship

A couple of people have mentioned the idea of getting corporate sponsors for Morgan shows, so this press release might be of interest.

AMHA Announces New Corporate Sponsorship Initiative

They’re looking at marketing the Grand National to sponsors. Honestly, I think it’s time. Most sporting events, including top horse shows, have corporate sponsors now. It may have seemed tacky at one point, but now it almost gives an event an air of prestige. And if it helps the show give exhibitors more bang for their buck, all the better.

It’ll be interesting to see what the sponsors get in exchange for their support (logo on the arena walls? Ad on the jumbotron? Is there a jumbotron?)

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  1. rodmanstables says:

    Excellent!! The QH and especially Arabian horse industries have been doing this for years, and I wondered when our breed would realize that this is essential for revenue, promotional purposes and general “attention-getting” for our breed to the outside world. I worked Scottsdale for Bob Battaglia (world-renowned arab trainer) in AZ a couple years ago, and there were Arabian promotions attached to corporate sponsors everywhere (even at the airport at the baggage claim)!!
    It was like the horse show was in the air. Anyone who wasn’t living under a rock knew about it, even non-horse people. That’s what we need to make our shows a “spectator’s sport”. Now, I know the Arabian breed has more of a global draw and foreign royal influence, but still, I hope this new initiative will help us go from just watching peers go around the ring to actually getting an audience that will fill the stands with spectators! I feel very strongly about this issue. :) Morgans are so exciting and should be shared with the world!

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