Morgans for adoption in Iowa

I don’t know anything about them. Just spreading the word.

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  1. I visited the site. Another tragedy, with good persons trying to do the right thing. The horses look pretty good under the winter hair-some are rather nice. But: 45 horses! 7 stallions! Not sure who is bred to what!!!!!!!!!!!!! We see this stuff on fuglyblog all the time but it is very painful to see Morgans in this situation. I wish I could say how we can keep this sort of thing from happening. So many of us are just an unemployment away from having the same outcome. We cannot just blame the economic times though. Breeders have a responsibility to rigorously question whether they can sell what they produce. Who on god’s green earth can be the sole handler of 7 studs they way they need to be handled, with turn-outs and individual attention? My one is enough of a handful.

  2. Flmorgan says:

    Amen Chris. What a shame. You have to wonder if there was ever a plan?
    Irresponsible at best. Who could sell all those horses without papers or any identity? I hope some of them get homes.

  3. leslie says:

    It doesn’t seem like there was a plan. From the latest update, it sounds like these horses are barely handled. Somewhere I read that he had stopped registering the horses because he was selling direct to the Amish and they didn’t care about papers. He’s gone bankrupt and is having his farm taken away, but apparently didn’t see the writing on the wall because a dozen of the mares are pregnant.

    I realize that I’m only getting info through the filter of horse rescues, and I don’t really know the situation. Maybe he was doing fine and then had a major illness in the family or something (although it’s hard to believe anyone could be making a comfortable living selling Morgans direct to the Amish in rural Iowa.) It’s just hard to wrap my brain around the situation.

    It doesn’t help that I started my day reading the latest update in the ugly Eden Farm case. I could use some good news right about now.

  4. Eden Farm….what do people think of the two-page color ad in TMH?

  5. leslie says:

    Is this the one?

    It’s a memorial ad. If she was advertising her farm’s services, there would probably be a head-shaped dent in my desk right now.

    She seems to be taking care of the horses she has back in her custody now, so if she can afford an ad, all the more power to her. Of course, if the judge decides that she owes the Erie Co. SPCA for the care and rehabilitation of her animals for the last eight months, she might wish she hadn’t spent the money on an ad.

  6. RaeOfLight says:

    In light of all the scandal and the fact that she supposedly had to hire security, I’m surprised she put her phone number in the ad.

    I tried to be open-minded toward her in the beginning of the whole fiasco, but as it goes on I’m having a hard time continuing to give her the benefit of the doubt. It wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason she’s taking good care of the horses at this point in time is because she’s under the microscope (and perhaps even unannounced inspections, via the court ruling).

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if most respectable Morgan owners and breeders refuse to sell to her in the future. Although perhaps this Iowa man would’ve sold to her…

  7. Flmorgan says:

    I guess I am at a loss here or my priorities are out of order? How do you afford to do something like this ad and not feed your horses and take care of them. How would you have the nerve when the whole Morgan community knows what you have done? I guess I don’t have any tolerence for this type of abuse and neglect. Good Grief.

  8. colwilrin says:

    To answer Chris

    Utterly Disgusted.

  9. leslie says:

    I kind of get the impression that the lack of care wasn’t due to a lack of funds in this case, or at least that isn’t the primary issue. She doesn’t seem to be having trouble buying hay for 40 horses (on top of her lawyers’ bills) now that she’s in the spotlight and subject regular to visits from the SPCA.

    73 horses and 50-some odd cats suggests a deeper issue than bank account balance.

  10. Flmorgan says:

    Could be and maybe other problems there, but the fact remains that she doesn’t take care of her animals and shows a lack of concern for them. Money or not I would still say that she has nerve to place a ad. She may be a Hoarder but he News Clips indicated she was taking care of the animals herself. If she had money she could have paid someone of feed, clean and water. There is no excuse .
    I hope some of the 40 odd Morgans get a home. At least most of those although scruffy have been fed.

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