Morgans on AC4H

There are currently 6 morgans available on The majority of them are on page 3 of the “broker owned” horses.  If you have an extra stall I’m sure they would appreciate a loving home…

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  1. Flmorgan says:

    Look like some nice ones. Could make nice schooling horses, pets, or local show horses. Pretty good deal on a few of them.I wish I lived closer to them.

  2. lauralin28 says:

    We’re getting Alice. Nice mare, good bloodlines, really pretty head.

  3. GraceMorgn says:

    This is being reposted with permission. I have experience with this horse
    as well and my experience mirrors Deb’s.


    I would be very Careful with Hampshire Special Efffects. I hate to say it
    because he is a beautiful animal but the horse is very dangerous. He was
    very good handling(timid but mannerly) on the ground but could not be ridden
    and barely could be driven(would take off in a dead run no breaks . He would
    take himself out to get you off or away). I own another horse bred by the
    same lady and she is excellent with them and my other gelding is the best
    horse in the world. Just a word of caution. (Believe me this horse was given
    a lot of chances).

    I hope he has outgrown that but I would just caution bacause it would be a
    shame for anyone to get hurt trying to do something good for the horse.

    Deb Amundson -
    Morgans are not a choice they are an addiction!!

  4. leslie says:

    They’re all listed as pending adoption now except for the first one, a bay gelding. They don’t list his age or registered name, so I assume that means he doesn’t have papers. He’d probably be a nice babysitter for someone.

  5. Flmorgan says:

    Unfortunatly some of the horses who end up in the slaughter pen got there for a reason, as in Hampshre Special Effects . Its a shame they have to go this route but like some people they don’t learn and run out of chances. I quess that is where the “mans” horse comes into play. Hope who ever bought him can handle him.

  6. lauralin28 says:

    Just gonna ask if anyone has any info on the mare we bought – CAUM Exotic Ellegance. I know she’s had two registered fillies, she was sold at Mid-A in foal but I don’t think the foal was registered, or it died before registration, or something like that. Any and all information is appreciated, good or bad.

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