Hylee Sale

Did anyone go?  I’m curious what the turnout was?  How did the horses look?  How was the bidding?  What were the prices like?  Details please :)

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  1. GraceMorgn says:

    I went to the sale this year and last year. There were better quality horses this year as a general statement and the prices reflected that. The horses were there to sell and they did, with only 3 no sales. There was a nice variety of horses from young prospects to finished show horses and everything in between. Some went Amish/Mennonite, but most went to Morgan homes and training barns. The internet bidding was active on quite a few horses and I believe 3 were sold to internet bidders. Phone activity was high as well. All horses had a minnimum bid of $750, which helped keep the prices higher.

    The high seller was Hylee’s Dannantion at $91,000. Kenny Guell showed him all year as a Park horse and recieved a standing ovation at Nationals. He was pretty amazing and trained to the hilt. The little girl who is his lucky new owner was crying happy tears for most of the day. I believe he is going to be a jr exhibitor/ equitation horse for her. They should be really fun to watch next year.

    Second high seller was Hylee’s Goldmine at $23,000. A pretty, smooth western pleasure mare that is going to Andy Marlett’s for one of his customers.

    The bidding overall was exciting with many different bidders on most horses. Horses went to many different locations from MN all the way to NJ. There were some steals to be had with some of the younger western/ hunt horses as well as some of the mares. Overall, the sale was extremely successful and a good time.


  2. RaeOfLight says:

    Yes, I sent out a “fishing” email to a few folks this morning I suspected had gone. One breeder responded saying she left the sale feeling “hopeful”, to me that says a lot! Sounds like a good response overall. They posted last years prices on their site after the sale, I hope they do so again this year.

  3. khummel says:

    Yes very good sale. Only thing I would like to suggest for us internet bidders I was less than pleased when they kept announcing where my bid was coming from. I would have rather not had that information broadcasted until after the gavel came down. Also on one horse I tried to up my bid on the internet and the horse was sold before the bid was recognized as there must be a few second delay.

  4. Morganmom says:

    The results are now posted on Hylee’s website.

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