Celebrating Morgans, CA style

I came across this yesterday and it just occurred to me that I should post it here!  How did I find out about this?  I can’t remember, but Rushton Stables is sponsoring a California style Celebration of the Morgan Horse on Saturday Oct 30.  I believe other area CA Morgan farms are involved as well including Miller Equestrian Services.

Stacy, I’m sure you’re busy preparing, but if you log on before the event maybe you can provide more details.  In the meantime, folks can learn a bit more by going here.

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  1. StacyGRS says:

    hey there,
    how DID you find out? oh…maybe we’re facebook friends:) I posted it on there. We are just doing a little welcome home celebration for some of the Southern California horses,riders, and drivers that participated in OKC. We happen to have free use of a pretty nice arena around the corner (because we have a client that lives in the development it is a part of) and so we thought we’d invite some of the area contenders. Miller Eq. Services is actually not able to come…they are going to be at the Az. Futurity this weekend. Nicole Johnson is bringing 4 horses and riders. It was put together last minute, but the chance to show the area some of the wonderful Morgans that were in the top ribbons at Oklahoma in various divisions (we have in hand, SS eq, EP, Western Pleasure, Western eq, walk trot, hunter pleasure, classic pleasure driving, and ama pleasure driving covered) seemed like one we should try to utilize. Nicole is doing a great job getting new people in the breed and she was super supportive of the idea and dropped a full lesson schedule this weekend to help support. Actually, I don’t think she dropped her schedule, I believe she is bringing them all!:) I think it’s going to take people like this going out of their way to grow our industry at all, but particularly in So Ca where it has declined terribly over the past decade. People need to become aware that Morgans are here and that they are a great option…we’re hoping to open some eyes this weekend. All of the presentations will be done by kids and amateurs as well as all of the horses being available to be pet and fed carrots. OC is going to go and be the photo op guy, getting his picture taken with anyone that wants a photo taken with a World Champion. Because it’s a free event, the local papers and websites were happy to post it and we’re painting the towns with invitational flyers from here to San Diego, so, hopefully we get a good turnout.

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    Haha, I’m just THAT good. I don’t remember getting to it through facebook, but looking through my browsing history from yesterday the page I went to is the one you had linked to. So that was probably it.

    Sounds like a really cool event. I wish I could be there.

  3. empressive says:

    WOW my head has been in the books. Glad that there is stuff going on with the Morgans around here. I’ll have to add you guys on FB, although I rarely get on.

    Rae thanks for posting this! And Stacy thanks for responding.

  4. DVFMorgan says:

    That is a fabulous idea, wish it was warmer here, to do something like that.

  5. StacyGRS says:

    come visit your sister in Ca…:)

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