AMHA 2011 Election Ballot

This topic has been discussed at length here before (if you missed that conversation go here and here), so I won’t recap the entire issue.  But I thought some of you might want to check out a video just released from AMHA fully explaining their position (posted here on youtube).

One of Cindy’s initial comments states “As part of the settlement agreement AMHA agreed to put on the ballot a proposal for bylaw changes that would provide for at-large directors only and provide for proportional representation for professionals and amateurs.” (going on to state that the proposal that actually ended up on the ballot came from the plaintiffs)  I’ll readily admit I haven’t followed this issue closely at all, and this might be an easy thing to find out, but I’m curious if anyone knows what that initial proposal actually stated?  I’d be curious to know what AMHAs suggested solution was.

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  1. Trisha says:

    I read that when they settled, AMHA offered to let the plaintiffs write up a proposal though they were not ordered to do so. From what I got from the video, it sounded like AMHA let them write up the proposal with the idea that it was concerning amateurs and professionals and instead they got one concerning “show” and “USE”.

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