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Has anyone suggested in the past that when judging equitation the exhibitors be given feedback with regards to how they performed?

While at nationals I watched a lot of equitation and I recognized many exhibitors from the past few years.  I am curious as to how the jr. ex.’s are to learn from their show experience if they never receive constructive criticism?  When showing dressage, each exhibitor is given a written “report card” as to their strengths/weaknesses.  Any reason why this couldn’t be available throughout the equitation disciplines?

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  1. Trisha says:

    Though it’d be a good idea, I think it would be too time consuming, especially at Nationals. That is one long show and the officials like to keep it moving. And technically, for the kids with trainers anyway, their trainers should be able to tell them what they were doing wrong (or just what the people above them did better).

    I could see it as an option at smaller shows and maybe even regionals depending on how many are in the class and how much time there is to actually give criticism.

  2. leslie says:

    I think a similar suggestion came up on this blog before, but the general consensus was that it would be too time-consuming for the judges, and too hard for them to make comments and watch the class at the same time. I suppose you could do it for patterns, though, but you’d have to have scribes.

    Actually, isn’t that what they do at the saddle seat eq. world cup? Judges give numeric scores and have scribes, just like dressage?

  3. dressagemorganrider says:

    As a dressage rider, I find the judge’s comments to be very useful. Having scribing and written feedback for the patterns part of an eq class makes sense to me.

  4. fuzzy1 says:

    Anyone familiar how the MOS judging system works? Tell me which is better, 3- 3- 6 or 2-7-3?

  5. horses02 says:

    I think 2-7-3 should be higher? But doesn’t it also depend on the other scores in the class?

  6. StacyGRS says:

    A year or 2 ago there was an article about the MOS system in either the SHR or the Connection. Perhaps they can get that article for you if you contacted them. It was usually pretty simple, but there were situations that became more difficult.

  7. Vintage_Rider says:

    It was the Morgan Connection that ran the article on MOS… very good article. And yes, it totally depends on the other scores, but unless there is something really wild, the 3-3-6 would garner you a 3rd place, while the 2-7-3 doesn’t necessarily, but could.

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