Favorite OKC Moment

For those who attended the show, or for those who watched the live broadcast, what was your favorite moment you saw happen in Oklahoma City?

Mine would be (other than a ton of personal memories we made!) hearing Cingate Starry Night win the WC Pleasure Driving and seeing Whit jump up and down in the cart so hard the harness broke!!!! Then seeing Mark go running out as fast as he can to the winners circle, then swing around center ring to help put the harness back together!

4 Responses to Favorite OKC Moment

  1. Oakstar says:

    That was really funny. Hopefully Whit learned his lesson! I loved watching the 5 year and older stallion in hand class. It was the first class where everyone was excited. The coliseum erupted in noise when Dragonsmeade Icon, SYP High Definition, and Mastroianni came marching in. It was a great class and a great start to Nationals.

  2. Flmorgan says:

    My favorite was WC Park and Free style Reining outside of the classes we were entered in.

  3. stretch says:

    For me, of course, it was Merriehill Home Stretch winning the World Champion Park Harness. What a once in a lifetime thrill!

  4. khummel says:

    Beautiful Whispering Warchant and Craig Hummel and Brian Stewart winning the four year old stallion class unanimously of course the highlight for me! I also liked the memorial to Jim Stewart

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