OKC Trip Day 2: Horse Show ADD

No matter where I go I always feel like I’m missing something somewhere else. That sums up today quite well. I’m having a hard time settling in to any one place because I don’t want to miss anything that could be going on wherever I’m not.

Today was good… a bit long. There were a number of people I wanted to track down that I either haven’t seen in awhile or have only met in the virtual realm. At this point, if you’re here and I wanted to meet you but haven’t yet, it’s no longer my fault. I’ve made an honest effort to walk the barns and check in at certain stalls where I expect friends (or future friends) to be. There are a few people I haven’t been able to track down, but while I’m doing this all the championship classes are happening. So, tomorrow I’m committing to being ringside all day long. Not all in the coliseum, but I’ll either be watching classes or on my way to watching classes.

I think I have to give the Above Level hospitality award to Daryl Hopson. I had met Daryl very briefly a few years ago when he was judging the Western New York show and I was there helping Tami Johnson with the photo booth. Since then he and I have sporadically exchanged emails so I was glad to be able to catch him at his stalls this afternoon. I can only imagine how exhausted people are getting at this point in the week, but in spite of that Daryl greeted me with a big smile and offered to give me a “tour” of his stalls. He had a story to go with every horse and it was easy to see he’s excited about each one and takes pride in what he’s doing.  I look forward to crossing paths with him in the future.

In closing, a random side note I had meant to mention yesterday. One of the first things I noticed when walking through the stalls that I got a kick out of… many of the larger barns have “lounge rooms” where they have basically set up living rooms in the barns. Being here for over a week I can see where you have to basically get it set up to live here, and it sure makes for a nice place to kick back and watch the classes on the in barn broadcast they have set up. But what really gets me is that many of the couches sitting here being used in a barn are nicer than the couch I have in my living room!

Today’s results coming up next…

3 Responses to OKC Trip Day 2: Horse Show ADD

  1. morconnect says:

    lol we need to get you out more . love Scott

  2. khummel says:

    We made a big mistake of letting the decorators add a few strips of cloth as a celing to keep the dust down. Didnt ask how much first Major mistake!!! I nearly fell over when the guy said $700 HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!I will never make that mistake again. Major rip off

  3. Flmorgan says:

    Made that mistake the first year I went out there and have not done it since. Price is crazy.

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