Bob Kellert

For those of you who don’t know, Bob Kellert was hospitalized with a ruptured colon in Oklahoma City. I first heard this news day 1 of GN, and from what I understand he will be laid up for the duration of the show. Other than Mary, I don’t know who he’s got available to help pick up the slack. Does anyone know how he’s doing?

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  1. PlayMorBill says:

    Bob is still in an OKC hospital, but the prognosis is looking up. Mary is hanging in there and getting help from a varitey of sources. They brought 24 head to show.

    Mr. Bill
    PlayMor Farm

  2. morconnect says:

    Mary is having a great show and I’m sure Bob is so very proud of her as always. They always have a plan B!!! Mary has wonderful help, a strong clientele and a strong backbone. We are all so very happy that Bob is getting better. They are private people and their privacy should be respected.

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    Way to go Mary! 24 horses. I can’t even imagine… Glad to hear the news is positive from all angles.

  4. morconnect says:

    Spoke with Bob today. He is at the fairgrounds and enjoying being there. Mary and her team are doing very well and her smile has been radiant all day!

  5. RaeOfLight says:

    So good to hear. While I’m sure he’s glad to be able to be around I imagine it’s tough to be so close and not be at 100%

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