Giving Lessons

K so I am considering giving riding lessons on a “larger” scale. Currently I am giving lessons to some kids and teens and they are doing fantastic. The horses I use are mine and I also use my own property. I am doing only private lessons. No group lessons as I like to work one-on-one.

I do know that if I decide to take in more “students” I will definately need better Insurance. If anyone knows any good business I would love to know. Also any advice is greatly appreciated. I have been blessed this far with “good” kids and parents that back me up. 

Thanks all!

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  1. MorganCrest says:

    I dont give lessons but I do board and allow others to ride on my property I use Rain and Hail.

    I was refered by a friend of mine. I have not had to make any claims with them (Thank God) but they do it all and for what I thought was a great price. They can do home, car and farm all in one. That I think was the biggest reason I liked them!!!! One STOP shop!

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