REVISED Proposed By-Laws

  I suppose we should feel better: the new REVISED proposal drops the “under penalty of perjury” language from the by-laws.  Isn’t it just wonderful how these by-laws are trying to draw us all together into one big happy family? 

   Now we will have various Mrs. Grundys scanning the show results for the past three years just hoping that one of the SHOW or USE people screwed up and showed a horse in the wrong class.   What will the penalty be?  We cannot bring ‘em up on perjury, so I suppose we can just strip their membership!   I can already smell the sour  scent of Lawsuits in the Morning. 

  These proposals are a disastrous solution to an admitted problem.   We have to do better.

3 Responses to REVISED Proposed By-Laws

  1. Chris Nerland says:

    Rae, how do I get the “Edit” off the end of my name? I have tried posting different ways, but it always comes up.

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    It’s a link to go in and update your post. You’re the only one who can see it since you’re the author.

  3. colwilrin says:

    I wonder how many more revisions we will see. As they are now…the loopholes are big enough to drive a Creech truck through. It will serve to do nothing but create arguments and lawsuits about minutae.

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