Tragic news about Cowboy Dressage Founder

I heard that Eitan had either a heart attack or stroke shortly after his performance at WEG! Last I found out, he’s in stable condition in a coma, and will be undergoing further testing. Will be keeping him and his family in our prayers!

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Yeah, I had a comment go through my facebook news feed about it today. But it didn’t have any information, just someone wondering if there was anyone who knew his condition.

    I was waiting until I had more information before I posted anything. All I’ve heard so far has been hearsay/speculation. If there’s anyone who has conclusive information please feel free to share here. I’m sure there are many out there wishing good things for him and would love to hear any news.

  2. empressive says:

    This is terrible. I sure hope he pulls through! With NO brain damage, heart attacks with coma induction are not good. Will be praying too.

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    Please send greetings and well wishes:

  4. rubygirl82 says:

    I live in Lexington so the local news is covering it. After the opening ceremony in which he rode Renegade, he had a heart attack. When he slumped over in the saddle, the horn caught his spleen and injured it. As of the 11 o’clock news last night they said he was in a medically induced coma and that his spleen has been removed. A previous bypass surgery is complicating matters.

    I will keep you all posted

  5. Vintage_Rider says:

    His family and staff are also updating the link above.

  6. PlayMorBill says:

    I should have posted to this earlier, but I chopped my DSL line while pruning the hedges on Saturday. Finally just got it fixed.

    Deb and Eitan have been staying with us during WEG, as Deb will continue to do for the next few weeks while Eitan recovers in the hospital. He is in an induced coma, but has been brought up to consciousness several times and has passed all physiological and neurologic tests thus far. He stuck out his tounge on Monday, but we’re not sure if that was involentary, or a commentary on the ridiculously simple

  7. PlayMorBill says:

    … oops sorry …

    …but we’re not sure if that was involentary, or a commentary on the ridiculously simple questions he was being asked.

    The extent of his injuries are mostly from the heroic efforts made to resucitate him moments after he hit the ground. His heart had gone into defibrulation (bottom stopped, top fluttering) and had he not fallen at the feet of local heart surgeon, Eitan would not be alive today. The Doctor recognized what was happening and immediatly began CPR, but not the CPR you see on TV. Real CPR, done by proffessionals, is quite violent. Most of Eitans injuries – broken ribs, fractured sternum, ruptured slpeen (which was NOT removed) – were the result of the efforts made to save his life, not from the fall. My wife saw the EMTs wheeling the gurney to the ambulance while this doctor, this angel, kneeled on the cart and continued CPR even as they loaded into the ambulance.

    This doctor, whom has been in contact with Deb, was drug to the opening ceremonies by his wife, and was simply bored, walking around taking in the sights when Eitan landed at his feet.

    Coincidence or Connection, I’ll let you decide, but it sure makes you think.

    Barring complications, the Doctors at the University of Kentucky Hospital are gaining confidance that he will be well enough to leave the hospital in 2 to 3 weeks.

  8. Jan says:

    Sometimes it is a “God-thing”, I believe…..and how fortunate he has such good Morgan friends willing to take them in at this time.

  9. Vintage_Rider says:

    Thanks Playmor for the update… I understand Sante Fe is with you as well. God bless for being there for them. and
    LOL on the hedge trimmers… dangerous buggers.

  10. rubygirl82 says:

    BILL-thanks so much for the update, so glad you are there for them so they dont have to worry about anything! Just goes to show how much the news gets wrong!

  11. PlayMorBill says:

    Eitan Update: Monday, OCT 4

    Better and better every day. Eitan’s fully conscious now (when he’s awake), and very aware of both what happened and what’s ahead. Recovery will be a slow, painfull process, but yesterday he told his wife, Deb, that Hawaii sounded like a real good place to recuperate.

    I’m glad to see he’s got his priorites straight.
    Deb hopes he’s not halucinating.

    One of the first questions Eitan had as he came out of his fog these last few days was would he ever ride again. When the doctor confirmed that he most definatlely would, Deb told me his smile was so bright, his eyes, so happy, that she couldn’t help but cry. When she told me this last night, I joined her.

    Now I can’t help thinking how pure horseman that is: You fall off, you get back on.


    There were so many visitors yesterday that Deb had to start turning them away. The outpooring of love and support, both on the ground here in Lexington and from people from around the world has been extraordianary. Deb says it can be overwhelming at times, but the strength and devotion of the family and friends who have been by her side 24/7 has been a Godsend. She’s slowly catching up on much needed rest, and that twinkle is back in her eye.

    That twinkle, my friends, is the best medicine in the world for Eitan, as his is for her.

    Bill Hazen
    PlayMor Farm

  12. PlayMorBill says:

    There are plans underway to tape a short interview with Eitan from his hospital bed, said tape to be played during the closing ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games on Sunday.

    If I know Eitan (and I have since the ’90′s), he’ll have me balling like a baby.

    Tears of joy, my friend. Tears of Joy.


  13. MorganCrest says:

    Im so glad to here that Eitan is getting better. I’ll miss watching him preform in OKC this year!
    Bill- Will there be away for ppl to veiw the interview planned at Closing Ceremonies. I would love to watch it!

  14. PlayMorBill says:

    WEG should be streaming the closing ceremonies live on the net. I know we have local TV coverage, but I’m not sure if it’s live anywhere else on TV.


  15. PlayMorBill says:

    Eitan leaves Lexington tomorrow (Thurs) for the next step towards home. He’ll be in great hands, in a great place to rest, which is what he needs most. I am amazed at his recovery so far. His last doctors appointment lasted 5 minutes, testment to the speed with which his body is recovering. But believe me, he still hurts.

    Visitors have been a steady stream, and that’s taken a toll on his rest, but he and Deb never decline a request. Such is the repect they have for those that care so much. I’ve enjoyed meeting some pretty fascinating people.

    Imagine my surprise when my psychiatrist walked in the door.

    Dr. R, it turns out, was the former ER doctor whose feet Eitan fell at, dead as a door nail. Dr. R. took control of the resusitation immediately, while 2 EMT’s administered the CPR. When the second tired, Dr. R. took over. When they finaly got a pulse, the EMT’s wanted to hussle him to the ambulance, but Dr.R insisted they continue CPR and to get the defibrulator, as his heartbeat wouldn’t last.

    He’s seen this many times before.

    As head of an ER for many years, Dr. R has administered hundreds of resusitations. To look at him, you’d never guess. Small in stature, with a quiet, compassionate demeanor, I have a hard time imagining him grabbing a crash cart and slamming the paddles on someone.

    But then again, he’s done that to me a time or two. Sort of.

    When I heard that this doctor who’d saved Eitan had visted him in the hospital, in part to return the whip Eitan had dropped, I knew serendipty had visted that niegh-on fateful night. Few people, and even fewer doctors, whould have grabbed that whip during the calamity knowing how important it would be to someone, no matter how the night played out.

    Deb described the visit to me later that day, how Dr. R had teared up when he gave the whip to Eitan, and told them how he had never met a patient he’d resusitated (the norm in emergency rooms). He told me later that he’d never brought one back from that far gone.

    A couple days ago, Dr. R asked if he could visit Eitan before he left town.
    When he stopped by yesterday, imagine my surprise when I was introduced to my psychiatrist. Now imagine his surprise. Poor guy didn’t know what to. Neither did I, so I excused myself and let him finish his visit.

    To be honest, I went into the TV room and laughed my ass off. :)

    I caught him outside before he left, and he was aghast at first, afraid some ferocious cat had been let out the bag (as in: I see a psychiatrist).

    No, no, Dr. R, you can’t keep “To good to be true” to yourself.

    And he didn’t. In a short but heartfelt conversation, Dr. R revealed to me that it was his wife who had picked up the whip, understanding its signifigance. The same wife who’s love for horses had been strong enough to force her non-horsey husband into attending the opening ceremonies at the World Equestrian Games. The same wife with whom he strolled into the restricted area around the in-gate to the stadium, heavily guarded by police and WEG security alike, without credentials or even any idea why…

    When a cowboy fell off his horse.

    Eitan lived because of a love for horses.
    No truer words could ever be spoken.

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

    Eitan is quite pleased with the fact we share this remarkable doctor. The same man who keeps my brain well oiled, pumped enough blood into Eitans to ensure he came back to us in tact. So much as I can tell, he didn’t lose one brain cell.

    Deb’s not so sure if that’s a miracle or not. :)


  16. Carole says:

    I am so glad to read this wonderful story. Life is always full of turns and circles. Bless the Doctor and his skills. Cheers, Carole

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