Up Hyre Top Cat – Needs Rescuing

Up Hyre Top Cat (Bourbon Street x Wind Blu Treasure) is at a broker pen in PA and could ship to slaughter if not rescued this week. [NOTE: I am not an alarmist or posting about "going to slaughter" lightly -- this is the same broker from which my sister just purchased Salem Red Alert a few week ago, and he does ship to slaughter weekly.]  Broker sells Top Cat with his papers (AMHA #0542951).  Broker has $600 price tag on him.  See http://www.ac4h.com/BrokerOwned2.htm or call Another Chance for Horses 610-621-5290 if you can help or give Top Cat a home.  He’s listed on the AC4H site as Broker Owned horse #9-21-2.

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  1. lisacampbell says:

    Just a correction on Top Cat’s registration number. It is 130482. The other number is the breeder’s AMHA number.

    ForeverMorgans can not fund raise for him UNLESS someone steps to foster or adopt since their foster homes are full. Does anyone have room for this horse? He only has until Friday!

    ForeverMorgans needs more foster homes, and needs adoptive homes for several horses so they can continue to rescue horses. Please visit ForeverMorgans.org for more information about fostering or adopting.

    Valiantathene – how is Salem Red Alert doing?

  2. khummel says:

    If someone wants to call me about this horse I could give imfo on him from about ten eleven years ago. If they will raise funds for him and someone can get him here I could house him for a couple months

  3. valiantathene says:

    Ellie is settled in and doing well. She is a sweetheart — loves loves attention. She’s also still got plenty of park horse spark left in her, even at 20! She and Mo, the ASB Kathy rescued with her from the broker, have become fast friends. He’s very proctective of her! It was a trial for my sister to get them down here — shipping dates kept getting pushed back, then the shipper’s truck broke down on the way here — but the two are home and happy now, thank goodness!

  4. valiantathene says:

    Oh, and sorry about posting the wrong reg # — I read off the wrong line of the papers — thanks for correcting, Lisa!

  5. valiantathene says:

    So, if the foster offer is serious, is there any fundraising going on for Top Cat???? I can’t find any indication of it on any of the forums… I would contribute…

  6. Chris Nerland says:

    The readers of this Blog might want to go over to Fuglyhorse.com and read the latest post.

  7. Chris Nerland says:

    I apologize:Correction: Fuglyblog.com

  8. empressive says:

    Chris as much as I am wary about “Rescue” groups, I think the “FuglyBlogs” little bonanza is rather interesting. Horses so constantly considered “hobbies” that when it comes down to “Business” people have skewed views. I have had my own dealings with Christy, I know people who have dealed with Christy, and even ForeverMorgans deals with Christy.

    I believe that their ^^ experiences have not only been better, but I would also take their advice over Fugly’s on this own.

    First and foremost this Billie child should have never assumed that the horse was hers. Christy is technically a “rescue/trader” so the horse is not owned by Billie or anyone else until the actual PU. Of which I do know that Christy does not like to take anyone to the Brokers homes as this is the Brokers way of life and they could get called out by the police and there goes that small chance of ever saving the horses life.

    People must also understand that some “horse” people and rescues are run by Eccentric (Webster it) people. Christy is on the eccentric list. She has a way of running things and that is how it is done.

    Billie by not listening ran into the riled, eccentric side of Christy. I think the end line of all of this is that in the end Billie got her horse. As for the condition of the horse I cannot say. Christy is a person too and has a life. Sure the horse has a life, but ONE person can only do so much.

    Christy has done a great job and if all Fugly can get on her is a little drama the so be it. A little complaining a little muttering, but Billie got her horse just like Christy said she would.

  9. Vintage_Rider says:

    To empressive’s point, it would behoove you to, in addition to reading the blog, to read the comments for a balanced perspective.

  10. Chris Nerland says:

    Empressive: I agree the comments to the original post bear you out. If people are aware of Christy’s character, perhaps they will not be discouraged from a particular rescue.
    Not to start another post, but I wish the horse community in the U.S. could have a rational, adult conversation about horse slaughter and where the banning has taken us. We still have slaughter but faaarr away from our pristine little lives and if we scrinch our eyes tighter, we don’t have to see what abuse goes on under our noses. We have good people trying to save what animals they can, but the flood continues unabated.
    Fuglyblog can be offensive and over-the-edge, but it highlights the abuse which goes on, both in the auction and in the “rescue” industries.
    I have a very difficult time looking at a horse and seeing a piece of meat, but we have instances of incredible abuse of horses here in East Tennessee. People have starved animals to death or have, when the pasture is gone, simply turned them out on the roadside. I think a swift bolt to the head would have been a mercy……..

  11. empressive says:

    Chris: I know what you mean. There needs to be an even balance. We cannot take away the rights of people to breed their horses as they please be they responsible or not.

    Yet, we also need a place for horses to go when there time here is done. Someone once mentioned to me that possibly the meat from horses could go to countries that are experiencing famine, 3rd world, etc.

    I like Fugly’s blog for some things, but I take it all with a grain of salt. My family has always grown up with the “Take care of it till it dies, and if it gets hurt put it out of it’s misery.”

    Some of the horses that go to these auctions do need a legit end to their lives. Granted though many are still useful. It’s really the “lesser of 2 evils”.

    Just like business. If there is a need (place for “unwanted” horses) the need will be met (slaughter houses). The bottom line is business. It’s like the villages that Shell Gas “eliminated” so they could get more oil to sate the gas hungry nations.

    Bleeding hearts

  12. Chris Nerland says:

    I see AC4H says that Forever Morgans is fundraising for Top Cat, but the Forevermorgans site does not list him. Does anyone have current info?

  13. empressive says:

    Top Cat has been rescued. At the moment there are a few Morgans that do need help. 2 Palomino mares from a while ago were saved, but the one has contracted strangles and the other is ok thus far. These Morgans do need some help. A lady from CA bailed them, but is going to need help with transport I think.

    Right now ForeverMorgans is full. They can no longer take anymore Morgans in.

    Forever Morgans does have a 2 Yahoo groups that help with the horses. Check them out. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Forevermorgans/

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