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Has anyone seen a list of Morgans presenting at the WEGV

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  1. Oakstar says:

    It was in The Morgan Horse, August issue. About Last Night (Classic pleasure mare, And The Beat Goes On (Dragonsmeade’s awesome stud), Black Willow Orion (dressage), Del View Catskill Valiant (also dressage I think?), DJR Black Nitro and RG Teton’s Captain (carriage pairs), Evolution (park saddle and harness), HVK Baymarch (roadster), Meet George Jetson (yearling–Mizrahi x Sweet Georgia Brown), Mizrahi (in hand), SBS Risky Business (combined driving).

    It sounds like it is going to be an awesome presentation! I hope they release a video of it online to see!

  2. KrisB says:

    Yes, the August TMH has a lovely article on all of the horses and their owners and presenters. Unfortunately, not all of the horses will be at WEG the entire time of the games, as several owners and trainers have committments for the Morgn Grand National show.
    The script for the presentation will be released after the games, but I am not sure who will have the video rights………

  3. StacyGRS says:

    does anyone know the details of what channel and times the games will be on tv? Is the whole thing on? From opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies?

  4. HSCMike says:

    Not sure about the coverage, but BUD looked AWESOME at NC State Championships, he must have been warming up for WEG!

  5. Montehorse says:

    USEF has live coverage during the WEG. I know that Eitan Beth-Halachamy will be there.
    This came from my facebook page:
    United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) We are offering free, LIVE coverage of WEG Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, reining, driving, vaulting, endurance medals, as well as recorded highlights of para-equestrian. All on starting Saturday!
    ‎2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
    The United States Equestrian Federation’s coverage of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

  6. Vintage_Rider says:

    I had that on facebook too. Really nicely laid out in case you were interested in a particular division. Are they also covering opening ceremonies ? Am I correct those are actually Saturday at 7 EST?

  7. leslie says: will be broadcasting the opening ceremonies live from 7:00-10:00pm EDT tomorrow. I think their broadcast is free? is streaming a lot of competition, but it’ll cost you (less than the GN, though.) Click “Broadcast Schedule” at the top.

    In addition to the AMHA’s presentation, Carole Mercer will be doing some presentations with her Morgans near the beginning of the WEG, Eitan Beth-Halachmy will be doing clinics and demos with his horse throughout the two weeks, and of course, David Saunders will be competing in combined driving with Team Morgan from Oct 7-10.

    Our local club president put together a comprehensive spreadsheet of when the Morgan demos, clinics and competitors will be going, but I don’t have it with me right now.

  8. Vintage_Rider says:

    If you could share that, it would be awesome!

  9. StacyGRS says:

    I did get some more info…for those of us that don’t have DSL (in So. Ca. getting DSL and being able to have a number of horses is a very costly combo!:), NBC will be airing the opening ceremonies on Sunday AM 9 eastern time. I asked because several Morgan trainers (Gerry, Frank, Anne ( and daughter Savanah) Miller, Robb Wallen) are back there helping Michele McFarlane with her part in the ceremonies. She’s the last group…the circus:) Frank and Anne are on the ground helping everyone, Savanah will be handling a mini and a miniature donkey that Gerry says is super cute, and Gerry will be driving a pair of horses pulling a “performer’s wagon” that will have a girl on the back twirling around with giant wings. He has one spotted horse and one grey horse. He says the whole thing has been very cool so far, although they are all pretty secluded and don’t get to see alot of each other. He saw Eitan and saw Hazens in the audience during a practice and that’s about it so far. Then he has to hurry back to help us get ready to leave for Oklahoma!!:)

  10. Vintage_Rider says:

    How cool is that! I can’t get the WEG network to load (too busy) so don’t feel too bad, I doubt many of us will be able to get on to watch that way. Thanks for the heads up on the opening ceremony on NBC… hopefully I will find it! See many of you at OKC I hope!

  11. RaeOfLight says:

    Looks like my local NBC channel is not picking up any of the WEG broadcasting. :(

  12. Vintage_Rider says:

    starts at noon…..

  13. RaeOfLight says:

    Right, eastern time. I get Dish Net with the local networks and if I do a search for “Equestrian” or “WEG” I don’t get anything. According to Dish Net schedules it’s on some funky NBC channels I don’t get (I assume they’re either premium package channels or local NBC stations for other regions).

  14. Vintage_Rider says:

    You can catch it live on too.

  15. PlayMorBill says:

    I’ve been trying to update this thread with some feet-on-the ground info from the Morgan Breed Demonstrations at the World Equestrian games Equine Village Arena since day one (last Saturday).

    In the Better-Late-Then-Never category, it’s 3am on Day 7 and I’m finally getting around to it. Apparantly I don’t need the sleep.

    Overall the Breed Demos have been going great. The stands are generally full (around 300 to 500 people) and the audiences are quite receptive. The Morgan demo’s have gone smoothly, pretty much to the script we started out with. We had a problem with our Music CD, but we got that ironed out with a new disc yesterday. (Thanks Johsia). (I think that’s the spelling). We replaced the announcer WEG supplied with yours truly and things have now gelled nicely.

    I’ve been involved with a lot of these types of demonstrations and performances over the years, from equine affairs around the Midwest to the Symphony of Stars at the Kansas City Royal to Equitana back in… oh jeez.., I don’t know, way before now.

    [sigh] I’m gettin’ old.

    It’s been my experience that each ‘act’ (and I use that term loosly :) matures as the event gones on. Part of that is practice and timing, but part of it is also tweaking the approach, the dialoge you’re trying to have with the crowd (and not AT the crowd, as I see happen so often).

    Yesterday, we really put it all together. With the stands full of adults and the rail lined 10 deep with kids (all in matching tee shirts, color-coded by school* – what a sight!), we really got the crowd into it. After being told to be quiet for, well, to long for kids, imagine their enthusiasm when told that the louder they cheered, the faster HVK Baywatch would go (Roadster to Bike). Boy, did he. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve seen happy horses before, but this is something special. Baywatch was positively grinning, as was driver, Whitney Hazen, who thinks she chipped a tooth.

    Just keep smiling, Whit. We’ll fix ‘em after Nationals.

    When Jeff Wilson rode in on Black Willow Orion, dressed in parade silver and demonstrating a variety of dressage movements (ala Cowboy Dressage) and tricks (kids love to see a horse rear!), Jeff was an instant celebrity. Later, after the demo was over and we were working the crowd, I noticed Jeff signing autographs! A star is born!

    All this makes for a great segue to Jeff Morse and SBS Risky Business as they demonstrate carraige driving in his marthon cart. Jeff doesn’t take it easy, and the kids oo and ah with every piroette and sliding turn. I personally like the speed runs down the rail. The kids get a feel for real horse power.

    When Jennifer Hazen rides in on Donna Zimmerman’s park horse Evolution, the kids cut loose again. If you know the horse and/or the rider, you know that in the show ring, they’re both just having a ball showing off. I think tomorrow I’ll call for a work off.

    Anyway, in my own, most humble of opinions, the next part of our demonstration has evolved into the best part.

    We’re done in 20 minutes, and everyone who can works the crowd at the rail. Jeff Wilson is on one end, signing autographs. He’s the only one who doesn’t have to move as the kids all come to him. Sheesh. Sammi Hazen is walking from end to end, handing out Morgan coloring books, talking to people and answering those unique questions only kids can come up with. Evolution slobbers a lot, so I got “Shouldn’t he where a bib?” yesterday. I thought a moment and told her that yes, he should. I’ll be darned if she wasn’t right. I’m coming out with a new product at Nationals: Mister Bill’s Paddock Bib – a towel with a cooler clamp. $19.95 for two.

    On a personal note, my favorite part is how, right after making passes at his park trot (I call it the Murphy March) with the kids cheering like crazy, Jennifer drops the reins to buckle and slowly works her way down the rail letting the kids pet Evolution. The horse absolutely loves it. This sea of hands coming over the rail, and we have to keep him from diving into it! What a cool horse and a great ambasador to the breed. And my Jennifer: She’s just a kid magnet. :)

    A few comments from some of the other breed demo folks are now running along the lines of “Now that’s a breed demonstration”.


    They’re expecting over 40,000 people on Saturday and another 30 plus on Sunday. We have prime spots (11:00 and 12:00, respecitively) and are ramping things up for some great performances this weekend. If you end up seeing one of our demos on film later on (I know, it’s not film anymore, but give me a break, it’s taken 3 hours to write this) … (my hands suck), my guess is it’ll will be one of this weekends.

    On the ground at the World Equestrian Games,

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

    * The entire cost of the school kids transportation, tickets, food and color coded t-shirts (emblazoned with each school name and mascot) is being paid for by 1.5 million dollar donation. They are bussing kids in from every county in the state.

    I really like Kentucky. Good people are everywhere.

  16. PlayMorBill says:

    To all who read the previous (long winded) post, feel free to point others to it, if you think they’d enjoy reading it, but please don’t cut and paste me. I plan to use that as a basis for a wider essay on our WEG experience after the games are over, in hopes that the appropriate magazines may find it printable.

    Besides, there are so many spelling and grammatical errors I’d be embarassed to have my name on it! :)

    Thanks in advance,

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

  17. PlayMorBill says:

    Yes, I then went back to bed for a nap.

  18. evamorgan says:

    Sounds like a wonderful demonstration for the Morgans. Thanks to all who are participating. This is great exposure for our wonderful breed.
    Bill, I love to read your account of things. Informative and entertaining!

  19. Vintage_Rider says:

    ROFL… what a great Essay! I will post the link for here on facebook. It actually made my eyes water as I visualized what was happening and how it must have felt for not only the crowd watching, but for those performing. Kind of like that singular moment in the ring when you know what you just did, was something special.

    Thanks Bill and the whole crew. You are one in a million.

  20. RaeOfLight says:

    Thanks for the report Bill! Makes me want to see it for myself. I hope it does come out on “film” someday :)

  21. jns767 says:

    Thank you for that account, Playmor Bill, it gave me chills just imagining it. I wish I were there to watch.

    Here’s a link to a series of recorded videos on Youtube of the performance :)

  22. empressive says:

    That’s awesome Bill and thanks for sharing. These expositions do every good even if the price is a little stress and loss of sleep.

    Keep having fun and updates would be great too! Even if they are essay long!

  23. PlayMorBill says:

    A Quick Update from the Equine Village at the World Equestrian Games.

    The weather was tough on the Equine Village over the weekend, but we still had many people sitting outside on cold, steel bleachers in the chilly drizzle just to watch our show. :) I should have bought them all a cup of cocoa.

    We’re getting some nice one-on-one time with people at the rail for the final few minutes of the 30 we’re aloted. AMHA was nice enough to give us boxes and boxes of coloring books to hand out, although ‘book’ is a stretch. It’s a piece of paper folded 4 times. The kids love getting something, but with the plethera of free stuff available to kids as well as adults, my guess is 1 in 10 make it to the car. Maybe 1 in 50 make it home. We should get a few hits on the websight out of that, but my guess is about 1 in a million will actually lead to a person to person contact.

    I’m a high school dropout, so my math is, without doubt, fuzzy, but I know we don’t have a million coloring “books”.

    We were also given a bag of “I [heart] Morgans” buttons, but they were gone by day 3 (of 15). I’m saving mine until the last day when I plan give it to a young girl with stars in her eyes as she pets her first Morgan. As a collectable, I bet she’ll make good money for it on Ebay:

    6 hours left! Rare WEG Worn Morgan Button. 1 of 100! Current Bid: $1.25

    I don’t really know how many buttons were in the bag, (or how much they cost, or how many the Morgan Booth has), but you get my point. Basic math will tell you that 350,000 (probably close to the actual total gate for the 15 days, far less then the 500,000 Sponsors were woo’ed with – yes, there’s trouble in paradise) …

    Can you tell I’m grumpy? : …

    Anyway, 85 buttons (15 go to our dedicated Morgan Demo Volenteers) divided by 350,000 people equals 0.00024285714285714285714285714285714 buttons per person. Rounded off, that would be 24 Ten Thousanths of a button per person, or approximatley 4 thousandths of a square inch of button, per person.

    The most reasonable stat would be one button for every 4,117 people (1 per 5,882 people if the 500,000 in attendace were reached). If AMHA sent a thousand buttons, that would be 1 per 350, which would be awesome if we got them all out there. I hope that’s the case.

    Sammi was going to start stapling our business cards to the coloring books, in hopes of maybe getting a few visitors to the farm (we’re just 10 miles from the Horse Park). She was cautioned, however, of the blow back promoting our own farm would cause.

    I’d pull out my hair if I had any.

    Week 2 sees a change in our lineup as Jeff & Jennifer Morse move over to the Carraige Assc. Demo and Gene Brown moves in with Guy & Karen Browns Carraige Driving Pair. Jeff Wilson stays with us all the way with his two horses, making him the trooper of troopers! But on Wednesday we lose the Yearling Colt (Meet George Jetson) , The In-Hand Stallion (Mizrahi), the Roadster (HVK Baymarch – Thank you so-so-so much Sally Longenecker! Baymarch has been the crowd favorite, as always!), and we lose the Park horse (Evolution) as the rest of PlayMor ships out for Oklahoma. My daughter, Jennifer, left at 5 this morning with all the equipment, decorations and supplies for 14 head. She was very happy to have 3 of the best employees in the business going with her, as they have 2 days of hard labor before the horses arrive.

    After that, it’s smooth sailing! (Jen just kicked me from 250 miles away)

    Tough to lose Jen at WEG, though She’s a kid magnet and probably the best promotional tool we had.

    But as always, the show must, and will, go on!

    Your faithful, sideline reporter,

    Bill Hazen
    PlayMor Farm

  24. PlayMorBill says:

    Quick Update? I never fail to underestimate myself. :)

  25. stretch says:

    Thanks for the up-dates, Please keep them coming!

  26. Vintage_Rider says:

    Hang in there Bill! ROFL

  27. empressive says:

    LOL That’s right! You can do it!!!

    Hey not everyone is good at math! Otherwise there would be no calculators? Anywhooo! Great job! Sounds like you guys are pulling it all off beautifully.

    But if I may interject…

  28. empressive says:

    (Accidently hit submit! LOL)

    Where are the pics???

    Well at least upload them when you have time.

  29. RaeOfLight says:

    empressive, check jns767′s post up the page a bit. She linked to a video on youtube. It shows the full demonstration broken up into 4 parts.

  30. empressive says:

    Oh cool thanks! I totally missed that.

  31. PlayMorBill says:

    I tried to take a few pics the other day, but the microphone and my big mouth got in the way. There has been a lot of video shot, with a generous amount in HD. The plan is to have a WEG DEMO Highlight video for display at Nationals (and by then, online, of course).

    The 4 part video pointed to previously is crap. No offense to the videographer, what I mean is, by my standards, it was a crappy performance. I think that was the first or second time, before the script got reworked, we fine tuned the timing, and fired the announcer(s).

    The only Breed Demo’s I’ve seen so far that come close to ours is the Saddlebreds and the Arabians, though both of theirs [Mr Bill looks around to see if any of Mr Bills Saddlebred/Arabian friends are looking) … sucked.


    Alot of the Breed Demos are cold hard facts read by either 1 of two WEG announcers while horses wander around doing what they do. Others have their own, ill-prepared, non-proffessionals who shoot from the hip and invariably yell in the mic and go 10 minutes over. Or, there’s dressage. Everyone does dressage. I saw the Walking Horse Dressage demo today. I kid you not. Now don’t get me wrong, they were having fun with their horses, and I’m all for that. But man, did that look funky.

    It’s just not right.

    The two WEG-supplied announcers kiss me everyday I take the mic to do our show. I like it from the gal, she’s cute. But Wayne, jeez, I had to put a stop to that.

    Tomorrow we are scheduled to be in the Clinicians Coral, rather then the Village Arena. The Clinicians Coral is, well, a coral. Maybe 60 x 80. We have a Road Horse and Pair driving a large antique carraige, not to mention the other 4 horses. We close our little show with everyone in the ring. Hmm… I might have to borrow a dozen of the flaggers from the parking lot. They won’t be missed.*

    These are the types of things that happen at fairs and expositions and games. Out of the blue, they throw you a curve. But you can’t swing wildly, ’cause a miss is unexeptable. And you certainly don’t want join the crowd of whiners at the Demo Office. No no. You have to cut down your swing and concentrate on contact.

    You have to hit right on the nose.

    [The previous has been a self-intended, motivational pep talk which has succeeded in sparking me into action in solving tomorrows Coral Jam]

    In the immortal words of Batman: “I have … a plan.”

    [And he spins away, cape flying, all the confidence in the world and not a clue what he's about to do...]

    This is more common then you might imagine. Just ask my wife.

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

    * There are, literally, (I counted), hundreds of flaggers in the parking lots (my lot is a 200 acre Spycoast Farm pasture). It’s quite a sight driving in everyday. 200 people in yellow and orange saftey vests, none more then twenty feet apart, and EACH waving an orange flag in the general direction of the lane they create. This weaving, waving, wandering lane that eventually leads your car to its resting place is kinda pretty in an odd sort of way as it meanders its across the rolling hills of the Bluegrass.

    Well, it was Bluegrass. It’s brown dirt now. My guess is Spycoast is going to have some glorious, renovated pastures next year.


  32. Vintage_Rider says:

    Too funny Bill! We actually know the “guy” or one of the “guys” down there in charge of controlling parking. He alone has 256 people reporting to him. We haven’t heard much except he called it, er, uh, “disorganized”. He has done large events for Nascar and even the Super Bowl… I am sure he will have stories when he gets back as well…

    Will the video be at your place in OKC or where? I want to see it. Even in the snippet that was posted I learned something new, so can’t wait. Thanks again! (Have you ever considered a regular article? I am sure you could come up with enough material for a year from GN)

  33. empressive says:

    Oh Bill that was great. I think at shows everyone or at least someone should start a book of “funnies” and the “hardwork” that takes place at shows. Whether it is running a show, exhibition, etc or just being there to watch.

    Either way, thanks again for all the updates.

  34. PlayMorBill says:

    Coral Jam was a success. Watching the Carraige Pair get in and out was fun, but they manuvered inside the 75′ square pen without a problem. The roadster, however, felt very crampt. :) We all agreed it looked really good in a much more intimate setting, and people were very appreciative.

    Tomorrow we’re back in the Village Arena at 6pm, and Wednesday is our last full performance, set for noon in idealic weather: Sunny and 75.

    As for the video being produced, I understand the plan to be playing it at Nationals on the monitors during breaks all show long. If so, it won’t be hard to spot. :)

    And an article is in the works. Julie Broadway emailed about using my first post as one, and I had a mini-cow. Some people don’t understand what a blog is. Stream of conscience, or at least my rambling river, is not article. She’s agreed to wait till after WEG, when I can condense what I started into a more coherant aritcle for the Morgan Mag.

    And no, my button math will not be making the final cut. :)

    Gotta run, we’re loading 14 head bound for OKC!

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

  35. Vintage_Rider says:

    Too funny… safe voyage.

  36. RaeOfLight says:

    There is a write up on the AMHA website about the demonstrations:

    Also, they include a link to another set of videos on Club Equestrian. I don’t know what day it’s from. It’s broken up into segments like the youtube link posted earlier, but looks like a different demonstration. I can’t tell if it’s still the original announcer or Bill (I have a fairly slow connection today so I only watched the first few seconds):

  37. PlayMorBill says:

    The Club Eq video is from the first couple of days with one of the WEG supplied announcers. This poor guy gets handed the most disorganzed pile of notes, cards and CD’s for many of the Demos, and is asked/told to make it sound good.

    Yeah, he’s still trying to kiss me everytime I take the mic from him.

    Yesterday, due to a scheduling foul up, we had to swap places with the Arbian Demo. This was the first time any of us had gotten to see their whole show, which consisted of introducing the horse in the ring, and listing his accomplishments, including just about any ribbon each horse has won. Like, ever. Seriously. When they started, we had a solid 400 people sitting in the stands and alot more milling around the arena and nearby booths. By the time the Arab demo was done 30 minutes later, we’d lost a full third of the crowd.

    But boy, did they make us look good for those who remained. :)

    Mr Bill
    PlayMor Farm

  38. PlayMorBill says:

    I never fully answered the orignal question posed by this thread:

    The WEG Morgan Demo Players

    Meet George Jetson, owned by Donna Zimmerman <– day 1 – 12
    Mizrahi, owned by PlayMor Farm <– day 1 – 12
    HVK Baymarch, owned by Saralin Farm <– day 1 – 12
    Del-View Catskill Valiant/Blackwillow Orion, owned by Jeff Wilson <–Every Day!
    SBS Risky Business, owned by Jeff Morse, Green Meads Farm <–week 1
    DJR Black Nitro and RG Teton's Captain, owned by Guy Brown and Karen Homer Brown <–week 2
    And The Beat Goes On, owned by Dragonsmeade <– Day 1 – 2
    Evolution, owned by Donna Zimmerman <–day 3 – 12


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