Going through this years show photo’s I’ve noticed that most little leadline western riders do not wear helmets. Is wearing a helmet just not in style?
My son is going to be 4yr old next year and his first year in leadline next year and I would never even consider putting him on a horse without a helmet.  While some horses can be pretty safe ANY horse can spook. A small rider falling off a 15+ hand horse doesn’t stand much of a chance if they happen to land under their hooves. I’m in the process of buying a saddle for him now ..maybe I should just get a small english saddle instead of a western since we would probably be the only ones with a western saddle and a helmet. I don’t think the “look” is worth that kind of risk.

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  1. lauralin28 says:

    I’m not sure they make them in youth sizes, but I know they make helmets that fit under a hat.
    Apparently Troxel makes a cowboy hat/helmet combo – but it isn’t cheap: http://www.tackwholesale.com/product_info.php?products_id=2470
    Might be worth looking into. If all else fails, you could get him a skullcap and have a hat fitted onto it?

  2. jns767 says:

    I’ve always kind of wondered the same thing about the little walk trotters sans helmets too; seems kind of risky, but then again, what isn’t these days?

  3. dressagemorganrider says:

    I guess it just bothers me that *anyone* doesn’t wear a helmet, but yes, little kids really should have them.

    The hunter/jumper world put up a huge fuss when their rules were switched to require actual safety helmets with chinstraps and everything, but they’ve adapted.

    In the highest levels of dressage and eventing, since Olympian Courtney King-Dye’s serious accident earlier this year, we are starting to see people wear helmets rather than top hats. I hope it catches on.

  4. morgansnmind says:

    Thanks lauraline28 for the helmet link. I researched that one a bit and seems that most people are not happy with that helmet so looked a little bit more to find this http://www.sstack.com/Troxel-Helmets/Troxel-Cheyenne-Western-Helmet/

    It’s not a western hat but it sort of looks western :0) So I guess we’ll get that western saddle after all.

  5. leslie says:

    A friend of mine rides in that Troxel Cheyenne. She’s a lifelong western rider and had never worn a helmet until very recently, but she actually really likes the look of the Cheyenne, so it’s a win all around. Of course, at age four, your son is going to outgrow whatever you get for him in about five seconds, isn’t he? :)

    I know the rule book states that any rider in any division can wear a helmet without penalty. I think a lot of saddle seat and western riders think that judges will still penalize them (maybe subconsciously). I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I would think you could plop a schooling helmet on your leadliner in any seat and the judge wouldn’t hold it against you. They might even appreciate that you put safety first. I’d be curious to hear a judge’s feedback on this one.

  6. Montehorse says:

    My daughter is 2 1/2. I plan on starting her in lead line soon. Because she is still so little, my husband holds onto her leg and torso while I lead whenever she is on a horse. When she is ready to be led without someone holding onto her, I will definitely invest in a quality helmet.

    I think all children should be wearing helmets whenever they are mounted in-and-out of the show ring. I think this is why our hunter divisions are so popular among junior exhibitors.

    I’ve noticed in some of the catalogs that they are starting to make helmets that resemble saddleseat derbies. I’m hoping to see more of these in the show ring among our junior exhibitors and lead line riders.

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