Saddleseat Equitation Horse at OKC

okay so i know this is a lot to ask, but i figured i might as well try…

Does anyone have a saddleseat horse going to OKC that they would be willing to loan an equitation rider for Thursday night for the Senior Challenge Cup?

My trainer decided not to take the horse I was entered on, so I would really like to get my money’s worth and just find a horse to ride in the class.  I would rather not have to pay to scratch the class, but if i have to, then so it will be.

I am 16, about 5’6, and have been riding for 11 years.  I don’t need a finished equitation horse, just one that is confident enough to do work off the rail and by themselves.  I am willing to help out anyone who is willing to loan me their horse (braiding hunter, cleaning stalls, feeding horses in the morning, anything pretty much.

If anyone is kind and interested, please comment me here and i will contact you personally.

I do not have my hopes up for getting a horse, but i figured i might as well try.  I have worked so hard this year, and I really want a shot/

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  1. Janie says:

    I wish I did, but we ride hunt seat! Good luck I hope you find one!

  2. alpmorgans says:

    thank you so much!

  3. Daniellec106 says:

    Try Ann Miller 858-945-1344. I know she definitely has a girl that will be in that class, but she definitely specializes in Equitation horses and may be bringing another one that she could let you use. It is better than nothing and worth a shot :D Good luck!!

  4. alpmorgans says:

    thank you. do you know if she has an email address? i think it would be best to ask her that way for something like this than call her and ask her on the spot. :)

  5. Daniellec106 says:

    Your welcome and Yes! And sorry Im doing this several days later I forgot to check to see if you responded with any questions. This is her email So ya she definitely may be able to work with you if not she would know people who could because I know for sure she has had students of her own that have been in the same situation as you. I honestly would even offer you my own horse because he is going, but he has absolutely no experience with patterns so it wouldn’t be helpful to you! Good luck though I hope Anns able to help you out :D

  6. alpmorgans says:

    thank you so much! i’m just looking for a horse that is confident enough to do work by themselves off the rail. they dont really need to be equitated. thing is, i had to help my parents pay for me to go to oklahoma. i paid for about half of it, this class included. and we have gone through 3 equitaiton horses this year. we lost one, the other switched to hunt, and the most current one has soundness issues the more we work her. so i’m just trying to get my monies worth!

  7. snerland says:

    Where are yopu located? I have an equitation horse, the rider just isn’t ready.

  8. alpmorgans says:

    ohio. but the upha isnt until thursday night, so i would like to ride a horse before the class, at least once :) we arrive on thursday. email me at please :)

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