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Over this past weekend, Buffy Shapleigh, a local morgan trainer (Springvale, ME) took a bad spill at a horse show. The horse landed on top of her and she broke three bones in her left leg. She received surgery this morning and should regain full mobility. Unfortunately, as is often the case with trainers who also run their own barn, she does not have decent health insurance.  She will be unable to train or work horses for at least two months.  With winter coming and heating bills to pay this is an especially ominous situation. As a little background information, Buffy went to UVM for their apprentice program and then went on to work with established trainers. She was finally able to start up her own place and has really worked to promote the morgan horse in our area. She runs both a morgan youth group and helps with a 4-H group as well. Her lesson and youth group students represented the barn in two Morgan Youth contests this year. She brought 12 to compete at the Maine Morgan Youth contest! She has also had numerous open-barns with demonstrations for the public to promote the morgan breed. 

  I would like to put together a benefit of sorts to help with the costs of both the surgery and the upcoming loss of income (She just had three horses come in for training a week ago who will have to be sent home). I’m just not sure how to go about it. I know I have seen fundraisers and benefits before for trainers, but I would like to get information on what works, the best way to set up the fund, and how to keep people informed on her progress. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions you all could offer!

 Thanks in advance!

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  1. parksaddle1024 says:

    Sad news, and I hope Buffy recovers quickly. It seems that silent auctions at shows are a good way to make money. Show season is winding down, but perhaps someone would be willing to put something together at OKC. In New England, the only two shows that I know of coming up are Eastern States and Octoberfest. Perhaps you could contact the show committee of either and see if any type of fundraiser is possible. I think your local bank could help you set up a fund account, and then you could post the information here of where to send donations. Good luck!

  2. SeaSmoke says:

    Thank you! I will try to put together some sort of silent auction. Any ideas on what would be good to auction off?

  3. parksaddle1024 says:

    I was at a show last month where they had just about everything – sports tickets, stalls at shows, advertising, afghans, free lesson at “xyz trainer”; “you be the judge”, jewelry, gift baskets, restaurant/hotel gift certificates, etc. Even if the highest bid is $5 it adds up. Call local businesses – anything someone is willing to donate will help add to the pot! Good luck!

  4. jenn.sullivan382 says:

    I actually would contact the Arabian Trainer Mary Trowbirdge and talk to her. We had a long time Arab trainer have a similar issue a couple of years ago and Mary started a fund to help horsemen in need during times like this.

    She also was great at organizing and raising money to help his family through this tough time. Everyone was very supportive and helpful and the functions were great. I would contact her and see if she has any ideas that could help or give you more information about that fund.

    Pat and Mary Trowbridge
    236 Henry Sanford Road Bridgewater, CT 06752
    Ph: 860-354-8926
    Fax: 860-354-2680

  5. RaeOfLight says:

    Ah, man. Good call on that Jenn! I think I came across the website for that fund a few months ago (or something similar), but I can’t find it now. What’s it called? If I can find the site I’ll post a link

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