Two missing mares in MI/IN

I just got this alert from NetPosse (aka Stolen Horse International). Two Morgan mares have gone missing from Michigan, supposedly on their way to Indiana.

The story is a little confusing, but it sounds like a shady situation. If anyone from that area watches Craigslist or the sales for Morgans, just keep an eye out for these two. Their owner would like them back.

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  1. lnmarsh says:

    Gosh thats so sad. :-(

    I’m sure this isnt new news, but instead of watching regular CraigsList for the cities in and near Indiana, one could monitor

    Its a good resource as your search results come from ALL of CraigsList, not just specific cities/areas. If these horses are listed anywhere on CraigsList, one could just search something like “Morgan mare for sale” on, and listings from all over CraigsList would pop up (just in case they’re marketing them outside of Indiana).

    Im always on CraigZoom. Ill definitely let you know if I see anything. I hope things get straightened out and the righful owner gets them back!

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