Rescue – Salem Red Alert

There are two Morgan mares posted on Forever Morgans’ facebook page today. If anyone has some extra pasture space, even temporarily, please consider helping them out.!/pages/Forever-Morgans/149989315140

One is Salem Red Alert, apparently a former park champion who has been a broodmare for the past few years and is currently in foal. Not sure how she ended up at auction and don’t really want to think about it.

Edited to add: Forever Morgans is saying she’s safe now. That means she’s been bailed out of the auction, but I’m not sure if she has a forever home yet.

The other is a registered black mare, Petaconica Joy. There’s a photo of her on the Facebook page.

Here’s a current video of Salem Red Alert. The description for the video is actually the one for Petaconica Joy, but they have the correct descriptions on the Facebook page.

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  1. WyNNe says:

    My heart is broken. I used to groom this mare way back when she was on top of her game. Ellie was a fast steppin’ little pleasure mare. What S. O. B. ran her thru an auction?? What is wrong with people??? Don’t these horses deserve a fair retirement?? Do they really have to end up at the hands of killers because we are THAT lazy?? Ugh….disgusted.

  2. valiantathene says:

    My sister is adopting Salem Red Alert, so please know that she will have a wonderful home. Kathy didn’t know the mare’s identity when she saw her on the AC4H site, but she knew she was quality and wanted to save her. It was only after she’d posted the bail, paid the fees and arranged for her quarantine that AC4H posted her identity on their web site — as well as the big surprise that she’s in foal! We’re even more relieved that she and her baby aren’t headed to an uncertain future. My sister and I grew up with Morgans — we were with Saralin Morgans back in the early 80s when it was in Louisiana and Mike Goebig and Glen Bouvier were its trainers. Now, my sister (who is a firefighter and a vet tech) has some acreage with a ring and private barn in New Orleans, with a retired saddlebred gelding and a gelding rescue (no papers, but we are positive he’s a Morgan). She can’t wait to give “Ellie” and her baby a forever home. If you don’t mind sharing whatever info you may have about Ellie, I’m sure Kathy would love to know more about her!!!

  3. StacyGRS says:

    Hi there,
    there was a video of this mare showing years ago that someone just posted somewhere. I remember who posted it, so I can get you the link if you’d like. What is your e-mail address?
    ps…thank you to you and your sister..this mare deserves better than this.

  4. valiantathene says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the heads-up! I saw a YouTube video of “Ellie” in a junior park saddle class at New York — she was one spiffy little girl in her day! The video is pretty grainy, but I’m trying to figure out who that is up — any ideas are welcome!
    In Googling “Salem Red Alert,” I also found a snippet of an old show result — not sure from where — on Pipl that lists Sherryel & Kimber Kunkel as owners… I’m obviously familiar with Heidi Kunkel, but don’t know of a Sherryel or Kimber?
    We’ve emailed Mike and Dwayne at Broadmoor, so hoping they may know something about her and/or the stud. Also checking AMHA records, but any anecdotal info anyone else might have is most welcome!
    Thanks so much — Ellie will have the home she deserves now!
    Molly (

  5. SeaSmoke says:

    I think it might be Peggy Alderman riding her? You could always send a message to the person who posted the video on youtube. I’m sure he knows who she is… Good luck!!

  6. SeaSmoke says:

    Actually, the more I look at the video and google, I am almost certain it is Peggy Alderman. I believe she was the trainer (owner?) of Salem Farm. If you google her name you will find that she had a very successful career as a trainer and most of the horses carry the “Salem” name. I am sure those who are more familiar with the morgan world would be able to tell you much more :)

  7. valiantathene says:

    Yes, I think you’re right that it’s probably Peggy Alderman — that’s what my sister thought, too.
    What’s got us really baffled is the name the rescue listed as the stud to which Ellie’s in foal: Heart West Quest Black Regan. ??? Hopefully AMHA can help with that one!
    Thanks for your help SeaSmoke! : )

  8. leslie says:

    Glad she found a great home! The black mare they had has also been adopted now.

  9. WyNNe says:

    Molly-So glad to hear Ellie will be at a great home. I was a day late in finding the info on her but offered to drive to New York immediatley to get her. After grooming her for so many years I HAD to try to help her. I know some of her past and why she’s sore on her front right and will be forever.

  10. jns767 says:

    I went to high school with a Kimber Kunkel who showed Morgans. This was in the late ’90s in Michigan. :)

  11. alpmorgans says:

    Just for the record, the sale most of these morgans are going through is NOT a killer auction. I am so tired of hearing it is, please get your facts straight. There are kill auctions in New Holland, but not frequently. Most of the morgans are going through an amish auction. And an amish home is not as bad as it seems. They are not worked hard, worked every day. The high stepping morgans are “Sunday Horses” or they are broodmares. There was a big to do about this with a ton of the morgan people that really pissed off the amish at the sale. And that is somthing you dont want to do. :)

  12. lisacampbell says:

    And just for the record – if Salem Red Alert had not been rescued by Friday, she would have been headed to slaughter. See or for any questions.
    Thank you Kathy for saving her!

  13. valiantathene says:

    Alphmorgans, I’m not sure where your rant came from — no one made any disparaging remarks about the Amish in this forum thread. I do understand, because I’ve been working with other PA rescues, that there is some unfair negativity that can arise about Amish-owned and auctioned horses.
    My take is this: there are many many Amish who are tremendously responsible owners and care very well for their horses. Others do not care for their horses well and run them into the ground — like many types of owners of all types of horses sadly do. Amish horses are largely (1) for breeding (2) for working the fields (3) a mode of transportation. Like a car, or a piece of farm equipment, they can be well maintained and more sparsely used, or they can be poorly maintained and used until they are used up. But there are “show homes” that are irresponsible and use and abuse horses, too. Bottom line — there are good and bad horse owners of all kinds.
    That said, I agree with you that it is important to get the facts straight in this case:
    While the auction these horses came from is not strictly a “kill auction,” there were buyers — which there are at many of the auctions and certainly at New Holland — that do buy for slaugher/serve as brokers for horses that are in turn sold to kill buyers. When Kathy bought Salem Red Alert, she was — as lisacampbell notes — at a kill lot and scheduled to be shipped to slaughter that weekend.
    Salem Red Alert has not been “on the road.” We don’t even know if her most recent owners were Amish breeders (and we don’t care). She fell into a bad situation when she was run through auction, in foal, as an aged and unsound mare. She was sadly purchased at that auction by a broker that does ship/sell to slaughter…every week. This has nothing to do with the Amish; it’s just a sad story that a great mare (and her baby) came so close to such a horrible fate. Whoever took her to that sale and allowed her to be bought by a kill broker is, in my book, an irresponsible breeder and owner. I just thank goodness that Salem Red Alert and her foal will live out their days in a loving home with an owner who would never — under any circumstances — allow such a thing to happen to any of her horses.

  14. alpmorgans says:

    valiantathene – thank you, your post is very true. But this post reminded me of a thread (not on here) going around about horses such as Mantic Exclibur, and a couple other well known morgans i cannot think of the names of, going through a killer sale. It was actually an amish friend of my familys that was putting Cal through the sale, which was just an amish sale. Word got round that he was at a kill sale, and my friend got his rep smashed because of a group of morgan people who could not get their facts straight. it just frustrated me. and i understand that at every sale you go to, there are killer buyers. That is all.

  15. valiantathene says:

    I understand, alpmorgans. It’s a shame that even the most well-intentioned folks can let things get out of hand when emotion overrides fact. I’m sorry to hear that happened to your friend. Your point is extremely well taken — first and foremost, we must all be responsible about knowing the facts before we act! Best regards, Molly

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