AMHA/Hazelwood Settlement

  I just read the AMHA posting of the settlement agreement.  It has some interesting provisions.  I do a great number of mediations (as an Insurance rep/lawyer) and reading between the lines was enlightening.   

  I like the idea of a Greivance Committee in theory and I think part of the reason for the ongoing conflict is that people feel they are not being heard, but to keep it from degenerating into a “b—h committee” we need to have some body chair it who has had training in conflict resolution.   I know there are people out there who are still mad about the direction the breed took 40 years ago, but we gotta move on. 

  I think the Judge probably leaned on both sides and AMHA clearly has a duty for more full disclosure.  I think, however, that once we get full financial disclosure, the general conclusion will be that there was some smoke, but not much fire, despite all the hollering.  

  See, kids-isn’t it much more pleasant when we all play together and share? :)

  Any comments?

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Oh boy, haha. Another controversial topic. I honestly haven’t been following this much lately. I figure when there’s something I need to know, I’ll know. Apparently there was a ruling by the Judge? Do you have a link to the posting?

  2. colwilrin says:

    It is posted on the AMHA website, member’s only section, under the litigation subgrouping.

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