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For those of you who don’t know, Mass Morgan is available for online viewing from  Individual days are $9.99-$12.99, you can view all Championship classes for $19.99 or the whole show for $44.99.  I’ll be posting a link to photo proofs and results here as they’re available (I already know where to find them).  Happy viewing!

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  1. morconnect says:

    I think that MassMorgan in this economy made a stupid mistake by making the theme about Rednecks. What next? Blue Collar workers. Don’t they know that this was a theme that flies in the face of people struggling to make ends meet? And then there are people who have horses and have more opportunity and we’re meant to laugh at those who have less – like rednecks or blue collar workers? What is the theme for next year – hobos or homeless???!!! Last year their wedding theme had a lot of uncomfortable people trying to explain each days theme.

    They could have taken the shed in the middle, hung plastic fish on it and all sorts of fishing stuff and made it a tribute to the people in the Gulf who have suffered so much.

    Poor taste in an economy that hurts so much. Thank goodness the horses rose above it and looked so good!!

  2. RaeOfLight says:

    My goodness, if we’re not complaining about the judging we’re sure as heck going to find SOMETHING to gripe about. No wonder participation in the breed is not growing.

    It looked like participation at the show was strong, some big classes. Anyone have thoughts on how the show went?


  3. underdog88 says:


    I feel that your anger about something so small as the theme is really uncalled for! I’m pretty sure that the theme this year was not intended to make fun of people struggling in this economy!! So does that mean that last year’s theme was making fun of people getting married?? Or that the year before that they were making fun of pirates?? Your accusations are ridiculous, in my opinion. The theme is just a fun touch that makes this horse show extra special. It’s just a theme- not a joke. How can you take something that is meant to be fun and so quickly turn it into something nasty.

    I had a blast at this year’s Mass Morgan. Great friends, great horses, great fun. I wished that people had been a little more into the decorating, but it was still a great time. I was really happy with the participation in all the classes. It was definitely the biggest non-regional Morgan show this summer, at least on the East Coast. There were split classes, call backs (including the open classic pleasure saddle championship!), waaay less one-horse and scratched classes than the other shows I attended this summer, AND quality was very high to boot. It is absolutely one of my favorite horse shows.

  4. RaeOfLight says:

    Does anyone know how they choose themes? Do they take suggestions?

  5. leslie says:

    The theme was rednecks? I have to admit, that is a little awkward. On the other hand, it can’t be easy to come up with a new theme every year.

    Besides weddings (also an odd choice) and pirates, what other themes have they used?

  6. underdog88 says:

    The theme was actually country living, not rednecks. There’s been a western theme, christmas, halloween, super heroes, games, mardi gras, wizard of oz, disney, patriotism, umm there are several more that I can’t remember. Does anyone know how long they’ve been doing an annual theme for?

  7. JRT101 says:

    I agree that I didn’t love the “redneck” theme and so was happily surprised to find they had finetuned the theme to be “You know you’re country if…”. What I enjoy about the theme is that people are allowed to let their sense of humor show a bit and lighten up the competitive mood a bit. In one class, a competitor had a flower pin on her lapel and a bit of hay in her mouth. Funny! And, on the last night, the judges dressed up in true country gear to get into the fun as well.

    It’s a long week, we’re all there to compete, but lightening up the mood helps the week fly by. There were lots of quality horses and riders, some of the biggest classes (besides at NE) seen all year. Good competition and good fun. I’m not sure that making the show an homage to the Gulf disaster would have helped the mood, but perhaps it would have been nice to donate some of the chuck-a-duck takings to that cause. (BTW – this brings up another pet peeve of mine – really, really getting tired of chuck-a-duck!!)

  8. morconnect says:

    raeoflight im sorry if i struck a nerve , seeing you are the admin of this site i reckin you can step in when you feel fit, your feelings are more important than others. dont worry this will be my last.

  9. jazzsinger says:

    I had no problem with the ‘Country Living’ theme. The shack in the middle of the ring was kind of weird and ugly, but…whatever. I admire their creativity and I’m sure it’s challenging to come up with a good theme each year.

    Here’s what I did mind, a lot: the confederate flag hanging from the wall of the arena. Nearly every victory pass photo of my horse has this symbol of racism and hatred floating over her head. I brought friends Friday night and was embarrassed to have to explain its presence, knowing there was absolutely no reasonable explanation, except racism and/or ignorance. Including that symbol was a very bad, very ill-advised choice. God knows there are so few people of any color other than white involved in this sport. Perhaps there’ll be even more after that debacle… What a disgrace.

    Other than that, I thought the show was great.

  10. RaeOfLight says:

    It’s just a fine line I have to try to walk between allowing honest discussion and allowing negative or derogatory discussion. And knowing how to handle comments that toe that line. Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to go to many shows, so when comments like this come up I have no personal experience to draw from to give my perspective.

    There just seems to be so much negativity in general out there, particularly in online forums, and I don’t want this site to devolve into just another place for more of the same. As the site grows I realize this is something that’s going to have to be policed more (that’s just the way of human nature). I should probably add a section on the FAQ or About page for discussion guidelines.

    I welcome your continued comments morconnect. I’m sure you’ve got a lot more wisdom than me when it comes to all things Morgan. I’m still a newbie. :)

  11. morconnect says:

    I’m a blue collar worker, always have been, proud of it. Im new to this horse business, just happen to have met the woman who owns this magazine and fell madly in love and now we’re married. She never has been a part of chat lines and not happy that I waded in. But the theme struck a nerve – and now they say it’s about country living. Why was the judge dressed in a mini skirt, net stockings and a bleached wig. Didnt look country to me! Think they took some heat and switched the theme afterwards. Wonder if photo orders will come with a need to erase stuff in the background – like the confederate flag?

    Nuff of all that. It looked like it WAS a very good show and lots of good horses…

    The live feed was excellent and E and I watched a lot of great classes. Pat does a good job and this service lets a lot more people see the events all around the country.

  12. StacyGRS says:

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t think of the term “redneck” as a financial statement, but more of a state of mind. Toby Keith calls himself a redneck and if he’d like to trade bank balances with me, I’m more than willing!!:) I think it’s a mentality and, if anything, a regional comment and making light of it has made Jeff Foxworthy a wealthy and popular man. I doubt the committee meant it to be a financial commentary, but, it does sound as though the flag might have been a little too far on the decorations. That said, this show has done a great job in getting numbers year after year. It’s one of the few shows that has grown every year for the past 7-10 years, as opposed to shrinking. Kudos to them….they’re doing something right!

  13. jazzsinger says:

    I think the flag was more than a ‘little too far,’ but that’s just me. I’m sincerely hoping the flag can be PhotoShop’d out of my horse’s victory photos. Otherwise, they won’t be appearing in any advertisements leading up to OKC. I don’t want my name or my lovely horse’s affiliated with that symbol. I wonder what the response would have been if someone has wanted to fly the Nazi swastika in the arena? I assume a resounding ‘no!’ Not sure why the Confederate flag didn’t get the same reception…

  14. leslie says:

    I wasn’t at the show, but from this discussion I have to agree with jazzsinger. I can’t believe no one on the show committee had serious reservations about hanging a confederate flag in the arena. It’s bad enough to have that over your head during the show when everyone is aware of the theme, but later on when your show photo is hanging on your tack room wall with no context it could look pretty offensive. Or it might look like the show was in South Carolina, but I digress.

    I like that Mass Morgan has a theme. With so many shows in W. Springfield throughout the season, it’s nice to have one that distinguishes itself in a unique way. And really, “country living” could be a charming theme if they hadn’t put the redneck spin on it.

  15. RaeOfLight says:

    Well how timely. AMHA just posted a link to a study done by the American Horse Council on equine economics ( Of particular note to this discussion is the following:

    “Approximately 34% of horse owners have a household income of less than $50,000 and 28% have an annual income of over $100,000. 46% of horse owners have an income of between $25,000 to $75,000.”

    Only 1/4 of horse owners make 6 figures or more. Since, last I heard, $250K+ is considered “upper class” (according to discussions on tax rates) I guess you could say the average horse owner is middle class. Just thought that was interesting and figured I’d pass it on…

  16. MollyOBrien says:

    First, thanks for the compliments on Mass Morgan. My staff, volunteers and I work very hard to put on a good event, and it’s satisfying to know that our efforts are recognized and appreciated.

    Next, I’ll address some of the issues raised in these posts.

    The flag displayed on one of the boxes was not part of the show’s decorating efforts, but instead hung as a “decoration” by that individual boxholder. I have to believe it was not meant as an insult. Instead, it was simply an ill-advised symbol of the country life theme. To be honest, I didn’t give it much thought (and didn’t really notice it until later in the week), but my focus was on managing issues more critical to the smooth conduct of the show.

    The theme is determined each year by the show committee. As with almost every show, this committee consists of volunteers who selflessly dedicate hours of their time to put on a fun, well-managed event. While Mass Morgan has never particularly been known through the years for “political correctness,” the intent has never been — and will never be — to offend anyone. Instead, the intent is to bring some lightness and humor to the show, letting our exhibitors wind down, celebrate the end of the circuit here in New England, and have some fun after the pressure of New England.

    As for this year’s theme, again, the intent was never to offend anyone. I sympathize completely with those impacted by these difficult financial times, and in fact spent 10 months without a job myself. I personally applaud my judges, Larry Bolen and Jonalyn Gwinup, for being such good sports and getting into the spirit of the show. Not only did they show up in costume Saturday night, they also participated in our dunk tank fundraiser at Thursday night’s exhibitors party. Between dunking Larry, Jonalyn and Fred Nava, we raised over $1,000 to give to the family of a longtime Big E employee who had passed away the week before our show. (On a related note, the money raised from chucking ducks was all donated to Becky’s Gift.)

    On the positive side, Mass Morgan had 500 horses in attendance, which is a significant increase over the last two years. We had a very successful academy section — a first for our Morgan shows here on the New England circuit, and something we hope catches on at other shows. We had some great classes, great horses, and great competition, and hopefully everyone had some fun, too.

    Thus, on behalf of the Mass Morgan Show Committee, I apologize for any offense that the theme and the flag display caused, but reiterate that it was never meant as an insult. The theme was simply a play on the whole Jeff Foxworthy/Beverly Hillbillies/Green Acres/ Dukes of Hazzard idea, all of which are seemingly acceptable mainstream humor.

    On a very personal note, I believe that showing horses is what many of us in this business do for fun. We’d all be better served by focusing on that fun aspect, rather than constantly looking for the negative.

  17. RaeOfLight says:

    Thanks for shedding some light on this for us Molly! I really appreciate your comments.

  18. jazzsinger says:

    I just logged in this AM after traveling all day and wanted to say how very nice the show committee and the boxes residents have been in response to my comments and notes earlier in the week. As Molly points out above, I’m very clear now that this display was not in any way intended as a racist symbol, but rather a celebration of a TV show that fit with the theme. This is one of those conversations that could have easily devolved into a Jerry Springer-ish extravaganza, but everyone involved has been kind, open-minded and respectful. Confirming once again my suspicions that Morgan people are some of the nicest you’ll ever meet.

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