Searching for video footage from 1985

Hey everyone,

For years I’ve been hoping to stumble across any videos of our late mare, Icestone Allegra. When my family first met her she was  an old brood mare  and we’ve only  heard  stories of her amazing show career.  Our fingers have always been crossed that maybe someone somewhere has or knows someone who has her on film.

Icestone Allegra won the ladies park harness, and was reserve in ladies park saddle 1985 at OKC,  and found in old magazines she took a victory pass or two at New England also.

I know if anyone has footage this is the site that could connect me with them! It’s been 8 years since we lost our girl but still miss her terribly and the hope of seeing her in her glory days has never faded. Any help is appreciated greatly.

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  1. DVFMorgan says:

    There used to be a video magazine that came out, I think in the 80′s and they used to cover some of the shows. I believe they were done by Richfield Video?? I know I have some, I would have to take a look one day and see what is on them.

  2. erikarose says:

    Thanks! I will try to search for the video magazine, if you get a chance to look I would be more then happy to compensate for your time, a tape to copy and shipping. Thanks again.

  3. StacyGRS says:

    Wasn’t that Terri Page’s (now Travers) horse? I recognize the name. Or, if not Terri’s then maybe Harry had her. If it was Terri’s mare, she might have videos. If Harry had her maybe Carolyn has something?

  4. stretch says:

    I have the “Morgan Horse Video Review” from April 1987 – January 1989. I believe that was the complete set. The first Grand National in the series is 1987.

  5. erikarose says:

    Harry had her, Claire Ecker owned her. Any idea of an email address for Carolyn? Maybe a facebook page? Thanks so much guys.

  6. StacyGRS says:

    I think Sebring Stables has a website, so there’s probably a contact link. Otherwise, there should be contact info on the Copperbeach one.

  7. erikarose says:

    Thanks Stacy, appreciate it!

  8. TBFMorgan says:

    I believe I saw that mare and a colt out of her on a trip to Claire Ecker’s years ago. Last I knew, the Ecker’s still lived on Beauty’s Run Rd. in Cogan Station, PA. It’s a small town – I’m sure a letter addressed to her Wintop Morgans at that address would reach her. Good luck!

  9. erikarose says:

    She still has the farm, though I believe living else where (she recently graduated vet school). She doesn’t have any tapes, at least that she could find when I asked her after we had to put Allegra down, but thank you. I’m about 30 mins from her farm, she gave me my start and I blame her for my Morgan addiction :) A few years ago we purchased and gelded a son of Pepperlect out of Allegra. Our first two horses we purchased from Claire and were grand babies of Pepperlect, so that made it so much more special.

  10. TBFMorgan says:

    That gelding sounds like the young chestnut colt Claire showed me at that time.

    Although we live in New England, my husband is from Old Lycoming. Maybe we could get together to share our “addiction” when I’m down that way again! :)

  11. erikarose says:

    Absolutely! I too grew up in Old Lycoming :)

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