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Already since closing the comments on the Tulsa thread I have had someone try to post a new thread discussing the same thing with more negative comments.  So, it would seem a reminder is in order.  Folks, if you have a problem with a judge’s behavior or decisions at a particular show, USEF has judge evaluation forms available that you can fill out and send in. This blog is not the place for you to air your dirty laundry.  There are plenty of other avenues available for that kind of blather and I have no intention of letting this site become one of them.

I have allowed some commentary on judges because negative input in the past has often been either refuted or left alone.  If you have a question on specific behavior, it’s very easy to do so without pointing fingers at a particular person or instance.

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  1. Jan says:

    Years ago at the Indiana All Morgan we were allowed the opportunity to “judge” a class along with the judge. This time it was it was Gerry Rushton and I was amazed at what I was able to see, what he pointed out to me and what looked different from inside the ring. I was thrilled at this opportunity to learn from a master and humbled as I saw him skillfully separate the top 3 from the next 5. I have friends who are judges and have thoughtfully listened as they discuss thier choices in various classes. I wholeheartedly believe we have a strong and honest judging system even if I don’t ‘see’ what they see. Our judges, I believe, are among the best!
    Jan Lazar

  2. DVFMorgan says:

    I believe we have alot of integrity among the high percentage of the Morgan Judges, perhaps more so than some other breeds. We need to have integrity to keep the industry going. Consumers, being mostly amateur owners will not put up with judging that is not fair in their eyes. I think it is up to the show committees to try and hire some of the newer, younger judges and give them a chance to judge. I watched some of the Friday and Saturday of New England and was quite impressed with some of the pinnings in the western pleasure division, as you could follow the placings right out of the Morgan Judging Rules. It was very nice to see.

    I think rather than negativity on the judges, why not put some positive thoughts on this blog on some of the good judging you have had, so people can learn more about some of the other judges out there.


  3. StacyGRS says:

    I loved when a few shows did that “judge with the judge” and tried to get it into a show out here. Of course, someone somewhere threw a fit and it got put aside…ahhh progress:) The point is, what Jan said is very true. There is alot to consider that people don’t experience and I think that educating people and giving them this chance would go a long way towards people seeing that the judging IS more fair than they think. It may not be perfect, you may not AGREE with the decisions, but if you can see a reason for them and the reason is valid, then there really is no room for complaints.

  4. LLavery says:

    A Judge’s decision is not protestable. Conduct of the class and rule infractions are. It is kind of funny, but seldom have the habitual “whiners”, who consider themselves experts, ever stood in the middle of the ring putting their reputation on the line, making important judgment calls while under the scrutiny of their peers, the audience and the management, while also being conscious of the time constrictions of the the show. Until they go through the long and expensive process of garnering a card and actually judging, their time might be better spent figuring out how to make their horses more competitive.

    LF Lavery

  5. jns767 says:

    I agree. Whenever I feel unhappy with a judges decision, I just remind myself that the perspective on the inner ring is far different than my perspective on the rail. Actually, just after the post in question was posted, I was cleaning out my closet and came across The Morgan Horse, May 2009 edition. There was an article written by, without saying names, the judge mentioned in the other post. Anyway, it was just before she had gotten her license and was just a really great article about what she wanted to accomplish as a judge. If you ask me, she sounds like a wonderful, fair judge! Anyhow, I thought it was ironic that I just so happened upon it right after reading the whole series of posts on Abovelevel and thought I’d mention it in case anyone wanted to go back and check it out.

  6. smccullo says:

    I would sign up for that “judge with the judge” in a heartbeat. I think it would help me be a better competitor and utilizer of the ring. Stacy, how about adding that on the post show survey sheet at SB??


  7. StacyGRS says:

    You can mention it to the show chairs…I believe that would be Mari Sanderson and Craig Sommers.

  8. cowgirlup23 says:

    We are doing you’ll be the judge at our Buckeye Morgan Challenge this year. Joyce Burrough’s graciously has set this up for us. This a fun filled thing AMHA has come up with so we are trying it this year at our show.

    I would like to look into the above comments for our show next year. We are a very open minded group here in ohio so always new ideas are welcome!

  9. lnmarsh says:

    I would love to participate in a “judge with a judge” class! I’ve never heard of one… but it is definitely an opportunity that I would jump on! I did horse judging competitions back in the day (AMHAY 13 and Under High-Point National Champion, thank you very much! ;-) lol) but to judge along side a real judge, see them pick apart a class, etc… would be an amazing experience.

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