NEMHS Update

I was emailing a friend of mine on Wednesday who is at New England and she made this comment:

“The show is beautiful, great weather, big fancy classes, nice horses and great riders and drivers. Just a good feeling in the air. That ladies driving class [Tuesday] night was awesome. Beautiful full moon behind, nice breeze, just absolutely breathtaking. The horses were such quality with every horse getting better and better. The hunters are just so beautiful I do not know how they can pick, every horse in the ring is special. Jr Ex pleasure picture 17 or so and not any one misbehaving or screwing up. I think the bigest mistake was a nose out. Quite impressive.”

Her words just painted such a beautiful picture I wanted to share here.  I also hear Wed night’s closing class, Ama Park Harness, was a doozy!  9 competitive entries.  I looked at the proofs and it looks like it was a really fun class.

Gala was last night.  Only 11 foals.  Very low.  But perhaps a sign of the times.  Economy being what it is (or certainly was spring 2009) no one was breeding.  Therefore, fewer foals showing up.

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  1. bella92290 says:

    I will second your friends email,,,,,,it was a beautiful week in all ways. The ladies driving class is recaptured beautifully in words on The hunters were amazing, and thank you because ours was in that 17 yr class =) Truly the only thing I heard on the judging was a bit questionable on following what Judge Lavery was looking for. And that when a class gets to 26 (hello NE the Youth S and G class is that big every year) that something ought to change. Whether they split, or split with a call back or use more than one judge that class,,,something. There is no way he could see them all, and if you were watching the hunters and how they went and what he was pinning I think you might agree…..Anyways other than that all good words I have heard on the judging. Not that everyone agreed, but you could follow, which is way better, I mean way better. One word of caution…..GRASS people, stay off the grass or go straight across as you were giving us all heart failure. Hats off to another great NE!

  2. StacyGRS says:

    I remembered last years complaints clearly as we made the decision to ship 10 horses 3000 miles to New England this year and hoped that this year would be different. In my life I don’t remember a NE with such great weather!! The hospitality was stellar, the footing as good as I’ve experienced it, and I found the judging relatively consistent to follow, agree or not, I could follow it which is all I generally ask. IMO, this show was what it’s all about…my riders rode in numbers and quality, experienced the excitement and thrill of great classes, both to watch and to be in, and showed to enthusiastic crowds in the stands. Winning meant having to rise to the occasion and was something to be proud of, the support from the other trainers and exhibitors made the experience all the better. From the great announcers, to the best ringmasters, to the tradition of the coveted white coolers, this show is a class act. I thought the judges didn’t run the classes forever but gave everyone a chance. All in all, we thank NE for a week our clients adored!

  3. smccullo says:

    Hopefully some midwest/eastern barns will take note of the California presence and reciprocate at a west coast show. Hard to beat the weather AND the ocean and the facilities!


  4. StacyGRS says:

    I mentioned that!!:) The trip is long, but, going to a different arena and showing against different horses/people really does rejuvenate enthusiasm.

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