Bluegrass Classic Show- Public Response

From everything I have heard, the Bluegrass Classic seemed to be a great success.  There were lots of horses and tough competition.  I was curious however, about the public’s response to the horse show.  I know that one of the hoped benefits of having the show at the Horse Park was that non-Morgan people would be exposed to Morgans, Morgan people and a show.  To me, it seemed like this could be a HUGE positive for Morgans and their exposure to different people.

For those that attended were there many non-Morgan people watching the show?  Did non-Morgan people walk the barns or talk with the show folks?  Do you think that having the show at the Horse Park exposed more of the public to Morgans?  If not, what can be done next year to take advantage of all of those people and to introduce them to the Morgan?


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  1. Montehorse says:

    Yes, I think that the show was a huge success. I just read the write-up in the Saddle Horse Report. The projected goal for the show was 200, and “220″ horses actually attended. The classes were filled with “quality” horses. The hunter, western and classic divisions were quite large while the park classes were relatively small.

    I think that the show made the general public more aware of the Morgan breed. I had a couple of ladies ask me about the Morgan “gait”, or how they moved, in the ladies room prior to my class.

    I think once the pavilion opens it will further stimulate the interest of future Morgan enthusiasts.

  2. Chris Nerland says:

    A couple of comments: I did not see a lot of the public at the show, but then it was just so blamed HOT that the tourists I saw in the park seemed to be staying in the shade and over at the museum and the out door horse breed ring. I saw someone had put a sign for the Blue Grass Show at the foot of the Lord Appleton statue (which I thought was pretty smart) but there did not seem to be any other publicity. I am sure there was, I just didn’t see it.
    By the way, bless Martha DuPont for the statute: when you look at the plinth, you can see the Morgan story and how the breed founded so many other breeds. We don’t have much space on the wall in the rotunda, in comparison to the other breeds so the statute tells the story rather well. When the pavilion is opened, i hope we get a lot of traffic. One other note: the robot horses in the Morgan room at the breeds ring were standing room only! i put my head in and a bunch of families with children were having a great time with them! We need to support that display!

  3. Montehorse says:

    Aside from the “Gift of the Desert Exhibit”, there is usually more then one event going on during any particular show at the horse park. We may have seen a smaller number of visitors then usual during the show because of this. Also, the “heat” was unbelievable during the show.

    Breyerfest went on last weekend at the KHP. Temperatures again were in the mid 90s (hot for this area). The KHP was unbelievably packed with people. You couldn’t move in the open air arena during breed demonstrations.

    The BMHA (Bluegrass Morgan Horse Association) participated in the breed demonstration throughout the weekend. They exhibited their Morgan horses in all disciplines. Many visitors of Breyerfest returned to the barns to ask questions.

  4. leslie says:

    I attend a lot of shows at the Horse Park, and to be honest I never see more than a few tourists at the show grounds, regardless of what breed or sport is going on. I don’t think it’s because they’re not interested, I just think the shows aren’t publicized and aren’t really visible if you’re just going through the regular park attractions.

    I think park visitors would have been thrilled to find out that there was a place where they could sit down, out of the sun, and watch horses, but I’m not sure how they would have known. Promoting it within the park seems like a good idea. Maybe that’s something for the show management to think about for next year.

  5. Chris Nerland says:

    I cannot believe I mis-spelled statue (twice!) I was reading some briefs and must have gotten hung up on statutes!

  6. khummel says:

    The people who put the show on did an outstanding job. I did not see many tourists though. The few I did see really got excited about seeing the Morgans. I hate to voice complaints to begin with, and really hate it when the people who did such a great hospitable job did do so well. However, the warm up ring when it rained was unusable and warming up young horses in the small space under cover was tough. Too much energy in one space. And whomever designed the entrance to the arena really didnt take into consideration much about the safety of young horses and young people. The drain channels were really too much for some horses. Our park harness horses jumped it and got off his feet and never did recover from it. I really would have to think twice about these facilities for young horses. Too bad.

  7. coloradogirl says:

    Does anyone know when the 2011 Bluegrass horse show will be? I really need to know. Will it be at the same time as this year?

  8. Jan says:

    The Bluegrass Morgan Classic will be held the same time next year as this year. So expect classes to be scheduled starting July 6th, 2011. at the Kentucky Horse Park. Hope to see you there!

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