Coming back to OKC after seven years away – Update me on changes!

Hey all,

I’m planning on taking my mare to OKC this year.  This is my first time going to Nationals on my own, and it’s been seven years since I last went, so I’m trying to plan things out super-early.

I’m basically a nobody with only one horse, so I’m guessing I will again be put somewhere in Barn 4 or 5, so information pertaining to those barns is likely most relevant.

I know that the facilities have been updated since I was last there, so if someone could fill me in on what to expect, I would appreciate it.

Of primary interest to me (at this moment) is stall construction, for purposes of decorating and hanging buckets.  I think I remember the stalls we were in last time were cement on the bottom half… if this is the case, what are your preferred bucket hanging devices?

Also, does anyone ever tent camp at the fairgrounds, or only RV/trailer camp?

Thanks much – I’m super-excited to be coming back to OKC! =D

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