Speaking of horses taking your breath away

In case you think that only the high steppers, big snorters can take your breath away, you HAVE to watch this video of Firecrest E-ticket….. OMG

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  1. jns767 says:

    He’s kind of high stepping, but so gorgeous! Thank you for posting the video Vintage_Rider :)

  2. leslie says:

    Is that cowboy dressage (or western dressage…whatever that new division is called)?

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    I would say indeed those are classic dressage moves you are seeing. I am not an expert, so I don’t know all the names, but I have seen them in advanced dressage, including the precise “high stepping” you see toward the end.

    Western Dressage is the application of dressage on the western horse, and this would certainly seem to be a great example.

  4. Montehorse says:

    I have a lot of respect for a well trained western horse. Add dressage to the overall performance, and a beautiful horse…. All I can say is, “AWESOME”!

  5. Oakstar says:

    He is so amazing! I was drooling over him last year at OKC and he looks even more amazing in the video! I just love to see him and his owner, Aimee. She is so pretty and feminine and he is so bold and gorgeous. Best western pair!

  6. Jennifer says:

    He is a beautiful horse, but those are not classic dressage moves. The ‘pirouettes’ are too large and he gets stuck in his steps. The lead changes are late behind and not straight. Straightness is one of the first foundations of dressage. He is not straight.
    Very nice horse, but not dressage.

  7. Vintage_Rider says:

    I didn’t say they were PERFECT…

  8. Vintage_Rider says:

    But on that note… if any of you get HRTV, and it may be on other channels, I don’t know… Lynn Palm, who HAS been nearly perfect in Dressage and other disciplines as well, is doing an exhibition for WEG. Her choice was to meld two other seats with dressage… One is western, , start a pirouette, and end up reigning circles, another is to be in hunter tack and include jumping as well as dressage. At any rate, you can follow her as she enlists other instructors, trainers, etc., and she gears up for, and practices for her exhibition at WEG. Pretty cool.

  9. lnmarsh says:

    @Jennifer – You have to keep in mind that he is first and foremore a Western Pleasure horse. A world-class one, at that ;-)

    Dressage is an afterthought for this amazing guy

  10. alpmorgans says:

    he is a very nice looking stallion. but he should be a hunter horse. he covers a lot of ground as a western horse.

    and here is the beginning of our western horses trotting level.

  11. Montehorse says:


    I like to see a little animation in a western horse. I think it distinguishes the Morgan horse from other breeds like the QHs etc.

  12. mbk says:

    I find the comments on this video interesting…coming originally from the QH world it think that seeing a horse “broke” to this level in our Western division (other than 8′s) should perhaps get others to strive for “better” in our breed. I think that E-Ticket in this video demonstrates the age old Morgan versatility… that we all want to tout…is this not something to applaud not pick at as he is not performing as a “Western” horse? I say BRAVO!!!

  13. leslie says:

    I have mixed feelings. He’s pretty to look at, for sure, and I’m guessing this is just an exhibition, so it doesn’t matter if he’s adhering to the guidelines of any particular division. But it’s sort of strange to see a horse with a big motor and high knee action held together with a lot of contact on a western curb…and then find out he’s a WP champ. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he can take it down several notches for WP, but I couldn’t find a video of him competing. I definitely would rather see a somewhat high-stepping western Morgan than one that looks like the shuffly, half-dead WP horses you see at QH shows, but there’s a limit to how big you can trot before you need to just move to the parade classes.

    If he was my horse, I’d toss out the western gear and see what he could really do in the dressage arena. He may not be doing his pirouettes and changes correctly now, but those are higher level movements that take years to achieve. He’s obviously got some talent for it, and the firey horses are in right now for dressage. Look up videos of Moorland’s Totilas, the Dutch horse that set the world record for highest score achieved in international dressage competition (and then broke his own record. Twice.) Dressage purists used to shun the flashy, high stepping horses, but Totilas waves his legs and everyone is gaga for him. He looks like a Morgan to me. If he’s any indication of where the dressage world is going (for better or worse) I’d say it’s time to start marketing some of our Morgans in that direction.

  14. jns767 says:

    I agree 100% with you, Leslie. I was thinking the same thing while watching the video. I am just getting into dressage and would love a horse like E-ticket – so gorgeous!!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I was not commenting on the quality of western horse merely the ‘dressage’ movements. I don’t prefer western horses that break level. I do prefer a western horse that is smooth and ground covering. After all they were used to ride the fence lines most days in West.
    The extravagant motion in some dressage horses is controversial. I have seen videos of Totilas and he is impressive, beyond the front end. The judges look for freedom in the shoulder both forward and reaching. If that can be done with style so be it. Firey horses are only ‘in’ for the professionals, as is usually the case. Back in 2000 Graf George looked like he would explode out of the ring, spectacular. Dressage looks for that energy in a correct way.

  16. snerland says:

    I agree with you, Leslie. In order to do dressage at the level exhibited by the video, the horse must be balanced, which he is not. I also noticed that the rider was riding with two hands. Personally, all I saw was a well trained horse in western tack.
    At this point I would like to praise our exquitation riders who perform these same steps every day on their eq horse. Their objective is to do the maneuvers invisibly. The video is impressive, perhaps the way all horses should be trained (classic style); but please do not call it dressage. As Leslie and others have pointed out, dressage takes years; our equitation riders spend years learning how to master these steps. I know that I have probably stepped on some toes but as a 30 year equitation instructor in dressage and all equitation divisions, I believe that maybe us “old folks” remember when time was spent on perfection, not showiness.

  17. alpmorgans says:

    i watched him show at nationals. he is gorgeous, but not really a western horse. he would make a killer dressage horse, given the time.

    and any horse well on its back end can perform these moves. they are higher level dressage moves, and take a long time to perfect.

  18. lnmarsh says:

    I think what seems to be forgotten here is that this was filmed at a Stallion Presentation at an EXHIBITION, not a show. The purpose of this was to show him off as more than just a “one-trick pony;” he is a multi-time World Champ WP horse, but obviously he has the potential to do much more. As a stallion, this was an effective marketing technique because if someone were to look to breed a mare to him, one could assume that his offspring would be very versatile as well. Also, it shows how versatile the breed still is.

    They were not trying to market him as a dressage horse. They do not SHOW him as a dressage horse. Does he have the potential to be a dressage horse? Sure. With time and a lot of work he might be OK. But as a Western horse… hes amazing. Sure they had him wrapped as a dressage horse and attempted a pirouette, but that dosnt mean they were marketing him as a dressage horse. I hope I haven’t angered anyone Im just saying that I think some are overlooking the point that this was simply an exhibition.

  19. mbk says:


    I AGREE and it would seem that if we could accept it as such, the “Demo” should be celebrated not picked apart. For those of you that want to criticize…how many WC titles have you all won? Just a question…

  20. jns767 says:

    I think that everyone here agrees that he is a gorgeous horse. Maybe some prefer a little less motion up front in a western pleasure horse, some don’t…we’re all different and that’s a good thing! Personally, I feel like high stepping horses are all the rage and are taking over every discipline…that’s my opinion and I know in the Morgan world, I am a total peon, but for someone who wants to invest in the breed, to show and own, it’s off putting – not every morgan has high motion in the front, and if every discipline has that type of horse winning, what are the Morgans with less “action” to do? With that said, I don’t think anyone is picking on E-ticket, he is an amazing horse and I don’t think a single one of us denies that.

  21. snerland says:

    Let’s just drop this thread. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I believe we are all beating a dead horse. The weather is hot and tempers as well as the weather need to cool off. Let’s agree that E-Ticket is a great ambassador of the Morgan breed and World Champions exist not only in the ring, but in the heart of every Morgan horse owner. No horse should be judged by what he wins but what he does. I have 10 “World Champions” and each one is unique; I love them all.

  22. RaeOfLight says:

    I haven’t getting a “hot temper” vibe from anyone on this thread. A few differences of opinion, a few people perhaps approaching this from a perspective that needed to be corrected (analyzing a presentation as if it were a class), but I don’t think anyone’s gotten upset. Maybe it’s because I’m kind of in the middle of the road on this one. I’ve been able to read and agree with most comments to a certain degree. But, ultimately I think everyone can agree that it was a beautiful presentation of a beautiful horse.

  23. StacyGRS says:

    He makes me want to ride him;)
    Every western horse doesn’t have to go just like him….plenty don’t and win. But if I owned and showed him I don’t think I’d care if he was every judges cup of tea or not. I’d still love how beautiful he is and, I think, he looks amazing to ride.

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