High School Equestrians

I know there are a lot of trainers with younger students and parents of young riders who visit this site, and maybe this is old news to you guys, but I just came across some information today that you might find useful.

First of all, USEF apparently offers a program for high school equestrian athletes to letter in equestrian.  A quote from USEF’s website: “The new High School Equestrian Athlete program is open to equestrian athletes in all breeds or disciplines who are enrolled in grades 9-12, and are currently USEF members, or become USEF members. The program will run June 1–May 31 of each year, and will honor those who document their training and competition involvement by awarding emblems and pins.”  For more information and an application form, click here.

Also, did you know there’s an Interscholastic Equestrian Association?  I didn’t, but then again I don’t have kids.  All the current information on the website talks mostly about Hunt Seat and Western programs, but apparently they’ve added a Saddle Seat division.  For more information on that (unless you can find it on the IEA site), check this out.

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  1. leslie says:

    I’d never heard of the IEA until maybe a year or two ago. I get the impression it’s fairly new. When I was in high school, I’m pretty sure the only middle/high schools that had equestrian teams were the super wealthy private schools (Ethel Walker and the like.)

    My understanding of the IEA is that the teams don’t have to be for just one school. They operate out of barns with lesson programs and are open to students from any school in the area. Presumably this includes home schoolers. I read that press release about the saddle seat program yesterday and I think that’s a huge opportunity for Morgan farms to bring in new riders and promote the breed to a new audience. Kids in the IEA programs compete on borrowed horses (like in IHSA) so they can get the experience of competing without having to buy an expensive horse and pay to keep them in training.

    It sounds like a good thing all around to me. Makes me wish I was 14 again…sort of.

  2. lnmarsh says:

    Wow I really wish they had the High School Equestrian Athlete program when I was still in highschool (it wasnt THAT long ago…).

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