High-Y Black Tie

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the stallion High-Y Black Tie. I have a daughter of his and was curious as to where he is. Thanks all!

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I can’t remember if it was High-Y Black Tie or Black Tie Affair (or something else similar to that), but a few years ago I remember seeing a farm website that was basically dedicated to a horse at stud. I can’t remember the site at the moment, and google is also failing me here. But if I can remember and track down the site (and it is him) I’ll let you know.

  2. Vintage_Rider says:

    I googled as well, for only this past year, and on this website he shows still in service
    Contact Person: Daniel Unrein
    Contact Phone: 951/303-6988
    Email Contact Person

    Stable where horse can be seen:
    Chimera Morgans, Temecula California USA
    Address Where Horse Can Be Seen:
    Temecula, California, USA


    Good luck!

  3. StacyGRS says:

    He’s actually up North at his owner, Jan Unrein’s enjoying retirement. He’s no longer in Temecula. I’m not sure if she’s still standing him, but he is happy and healthy as far as I know. Black Tie Affair has not stood at stud for quite some time now and I don’t think he ever had a website…he was done breeding before his owners were tech savvy:)

  4. empressive says:

    Thank you everyone!

    Well hopefully he will be happy and healthy next summer. I would love to see him in person. Thanks again!

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