Coventry Cartier

I used to know the mare Coventry Cartier (aka Sparkle) when she was at Dantree Farm.  I wanted to buy her at the Copper Beech sale in 2009 but my husband would’ve killed me if i had brought her home (especially with a foal by her side and back in foal) :P  I had heard through the grape vine that she sold to Playmor.  I hadn’t realised she was going through the Playmor Sale this year or I would’ve bid on her :(  Does anyone know who she sold to and for how much?  She was a very sweet mare and with that beautiful filly by her side then back in foal to Mizrahi I would have LOVED to buy her.  Any info would be appriciated :)

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  1. stretch says:

    I don’t know who bought her but the 3 in one package went for $1,700. (Yes the comma is in the right place)

  2. lnmarsh says:

    Holy cow you’ve got to be kidding?! Was the foal she has now by Mizrahi as well?

  3. stretch says:

    The filly at her side is by GLB Bell Pepper

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