Bluegrass & Playmor

I can’t believe I didn’t think to post this sooner.  Anyone go to the Lexington festivities this past weekend?  I’d love to hear how the Playmor sale went and what folks thought of the new show!

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  1. Chris Nerland says:

    We had a wonderful time. It has been a long time since we went to a Class A and could not have picked a better one. I was a bit surprised that the Classic Pleasure classes were so light, but western and hunt were, for the most part, full. The Kentucky Horse Park was a beautiful venue. We could go over and watch minis driving, and some fine show jumping as well. I went over to the museum to see the Arab exhibit and of course we attended the ribbon cutting at the Morgan Pavilion. It was not very ceremonious, but Clifford the horse did his job, and it was great to see so many morgan people excited about a project.
    We caught the middle of the Playmor sale. Some very nice horses went at low prices, particularly 3-in-1 packages but as the sale moved forward, the bidding climbed. Stonecroft Applique went for $18000, according to my notes. While she is not my type, I can certainly see why she would cross back well with a more typey stallion. I wish I had room in my barn, because Town Affair was the prettiest gelding I have seen. Playmors I’m a Star Too went for $5400 and worth much more. We will see some of these horses win at the Nationals in the future.

  2. Vintage_Rider says:

    We didn’t get down in time for the Playmor Open House, but wish we had! Would have loved to see some of the barns in the area.

    It is tough to put a show together that has been established, let alone starting from scratch, but this committee did a bang up job when it came to materials and organization. The program was ready and in plastic ring binding which makes it extremely nice to follow (though I would love to see every show include a section in the end that lists all the horses by number including breeding…I know, I know, time and expense). The grounds were clean and well groomed. The exhibitor’s party was well organized, and all the signage was top notch (with helpful directional signs for newcomers). All the necessary vendors were on site… Kudos to that team!!

    If I were asked, which I wasn’t, I think a live and learn lesson is that with show in KY in July, maybe an earlier start time would be appropriate so that the heat of the day came after the morning session… 10 sounded real nice, but… and I would fudge the sessions a bit for the jr exhibitors so that equitation and pleasure weren’t both in the same session, and they wouldn’t have to choose to either ride almost back to back classes if they are going for a medal.

    Other than those minor tweaks, I think they did an excellent job out of the shoot! I heard over 200 horses, which is awesome!

    Congrats to all the participants!

  3. Montehorse says:

    I think the show was well attended. Many large barns that attend nationals yearly were there to compete. I was amazed by the quality of horses, trainers, and exhibitors at the show.

    I did not have time to go to the Playmor sale, or to the ribbon cutting of the pavilion. The hunter, western, and classic classes were pretty large. The park and pleasure classes had low numbers. The classes should have been less specific. Instead of having three year old and four year old park, they should of had a junior/novice park class.

    I feel that jackets should have been optional. The heat was almost dangerous the first night of the show. This was also the hottest day of the year in Kentucky with temperatures around 100 degrees.

  4. Carley says:

    We had a great time at the show. It was hot and humid but definitely worth every bit of it. I personally liked the later start times, especially since they only had two sessions per day. I was alittle shocked at the small numbers in the junior horse classes, especially hunt. I figured the junior horses would be ready to show by this time in the season.
    One thing I liked was the program. But… I think it still needs alittle help. At the Michigan All Morgan show, the office prints up-to-date class numbers and entries. It IS more labor intensive, but with the computer programs the secretaries use, its not too terrible. The worst part is passing them out. They hand every exhibitor a 3-ring binder at the beginning and it gets filled in throughout the show. That way, late entries (like us…oops) are still included and everything is very current. Having only two sessions per day makes it easier also.

  5. Montehorse says:

    I think that Larry Bolen did an excellent job judging the show. Very objective and accurate.

  6. Jan says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind and informative comments which the show committee will certainly take a look at and consider for next year. We were so pleased at the huge turn-out and tried to bring to the show the professionalism and class the Morgan horse deserves. Thanks to everyone who came to work, show or just watch. The Kentucky Horse Park is spectacular, as is Lexington, and we hope this will bring families to shows who want to wander around the park, swim at the campground, or see the sights. See you next year!

  7. DVFMorgan says:

    Sounds like a great show, congratulations!!!


  8. stretch says:

    We had a wonderful time in Kentucky last week! We were very impressed with the quality of horses put through the PlayMor sale. The prices were low, most went for much less than their training/stud fees. Many good deals, I agree that we will be seeing these horses at Nationals. PlayMor farm is gorgeous!

    The Bluegrass Classic was well run and well attended. The ring is huge and thank goodness covered, which gave some relief from the heat and rain.

    As added attractions we saw Clifford cut the ribbon at the Pavilion and even spent one evening at the ASB Junior League show at the Red Mile.

    I will make every effort to attend again next year.

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