I may really be showing my ignorance here, but is there a difference between AOTS and AOTR?  I’ve always heard AOTS as Amateur Owned, Trained and Shown.  But the classes @ P-O are all AOTR which is being announced as Amateur Owner to Ride.  Those phrases could mean 2 very different things. Are they actually the same?  And what are the actual rules around them?  Can the horse ever have been in training with a Pro?  Or just not for the current season?  Within the last month?  What are the guidelines?

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  1. Vintage_Rider says:

    I believe they are the same thing, but I wondered too.

  2. 1light says:

    Actually, I’m fairly certain they aren’t the same. AOTR is a common term on the Arab circuit, where they seperate classes into AOTR vs ATR and JOTR vs JTR (one class for people riding horses they themselves or their family own, and another class for any amateur/junior who could be riding, say, the trainer’s horse). So AOTR is the same as an amateur class in that the horse can have been trained by a professional.

  3. alpmorgans says:

    wouldn’t Amateur Owner to Ride be the same as an amt class? Just that the amt owns the horse (as many amts do these days). Amateur Owned Trained and Shown is totally different. I’m sure it was AOTS at Penn Ohio last year, but 2 years ago for sure.

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