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Dancing Morgans @ Oregon Classic

Carole Mercer and her Dancing Morgans put on an exhibition at the Oregon Morgan classic a few weeks ago. Here’s the video of their performance:

NEMHS Update

I was emailing a friend of mine on Wednesday who is at New England and she made this comment: “The show is beautiful, great weather, big fancy classes, nice horses and great riders and drivers. Just a good feeling in the air. That ladies driving class [Tuesday] night was awesome. Beautiful full moon behind, nice…

Blue Ridge Classic Results

I’m having a bit of trouble formatting the results so they display nicely.  But Blue Ridge Classic results are available here.  You can view photo proofs online here.

Bluegrass Classic Show- Public Response

From everything I have heard, the Bluegrass Classic seemed to be a great success.  There were lots of horses and tough competition.  I was curious however, about the public’s response to the horse show.  I know that one of the hoped benefits of having the show at the Horse Park was that non-Morgan people would…

Retraining to break at the poll??

Hello, I would love to hear some suggestions on ways to retrain my gelding to break at the poll. Currently he is breaking at the third vertebrae instead which causes his ears and head/face to be carried lower than the third vertebrae. So he looks over rounded I guess sometimes.  In looking at lots of…

EEE cases reported in Michigan

Everyone Keep up with the flyspray! I know the bigger barns use the Shoofly system, but for smaller barns these work really good and don’t break the budget.…101400/

Coming back to OKC after seven years away – Update me on changes!

Hey all, I’m planning on taking my mare to OKC this year.  This is my first time going to Nationals on my own, and it’s been seven years since I last went, so I’m trying to plan things out super-early. I’m basically a nobody with only one horse, so I’m guessing I will again be…

New England Results

Sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but will the results for New England be online during the show anywhere??  THANKS

New England Starts Tomorrow

And for those of us who can’t be there, online streaming video is available from Morgan Horse Videos.  You can purchase individual days, a Thursday-Saturday championship package or the whole show. Blue Ridge Classic is also being offered for free from Horse Videos, Inc. As always I will do my best to post show results…

Saddleseat and Western Apparel and Tack

Here is a list of used and new stuff if anyone is interested Western Hobby Horse Set All NEW WITH TAGS!!   $200 Slinky,vest and chaps Berry Fit 3- Piece Western Set $300 Vest, coat and chaps Grey Pinstripe Suit Custom “Final Touch” $250 Shoulders 14 ¾” Length 35 Sleeve 23 Jods 27.5 x 33 Smith…