Penn-Ohio, coming home

Well, yesterday I made the first leg of my trip to Penn-Ohio. I won’t be going as an exhibitor, just a spectator. But this is a special show for me.

Growing up the only opportunities I had to show would be when my cousins would let me play with one of their ASBs (turning their saddle seat horses into western mounts, I’m sure they appreciated it) and then tag along to the local, Warren County, PA fair.

The horse I had of my own from the time I was about 13-16 was a 3/4 Morgan and forever changed the trajectory of my horse ownership experience. He was an “it” horse for me, although I’m not sure I appreciated that at the time (some cold winter day you might hear more about him). Unfortunately one night when I was a Junior (I think) in High School, he played the escape artist and ran down the high to the high way and get hit by a car and killed. Thus ended my horse ownership experience until after college, but I was hooked on Morgans.

The summer after my senior year my mom, who is NOT a horse person and is in fact allergic, took me to the Penn-Ohio show as one of my “last hurrah’s” before college. It was another defining moment for me. I was so thrilled to be there. I’m not sure how many classes I actually watched. I was more interested in walking through the stalls and seeing them up close and personal. From that time on there would be no other breed for me, Morgans were it.

Well, this weekend I get to go back, and I can’t wait.

4 Responses to Penn-Ohio, coming home

  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Oh, and by the way, if you’re there look for the red hat. That’s me :) Say hi!

  2. Vintage_Rider says:

    Sorry about your first horse, like your first kiss, they are never forgotten. Have fun at Penn Ohio!

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    Actually V_R, one thing I’ve learned (am learning) in this life is to be able to look back on experiences for what they were, not how they ended. When I think of my time with him, how it ended is just how it ended, it’s not the important part of the story. I remember him for what he taught me and how he shaped my story. I’d rather appreciate what he brought to me than dwell on the sadness.

  4. Vintage_Rider says:

    I am glad Rae…. but I wasn’t trying to dwell… don’t you remember your first kiss? I do, but I sure don’t remember my first good-bye… I agree, in time, the bad fades, but the good remains.. I swear that is how some people stay married for 50 years. KIDDING!

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