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I was thinking this had been touched on in the recent “Ladies v Amateur” discussion but I just went back and looked and can’t find anything.  In my note below about classes added to Blue Ridge, I noted that the Ladies and Ama divisions were combined into a single class.  They’ve also combined the Ama and Jr Exhibitor Park Harness divisions.  On one hand I can see how this accomplishes limiting the number of classes at a show we’ve discussed in the past.  But on the other hand, I’m a bit confused as to how these classes would be judged.  Which division’s criteria would be used?  What if I’m a lady and an ama, how do I get judged?  Could I ride a stallion in the class (and I supposed by default be judged as an ama?)?  Are these questions usually answered in the prize list?

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  1. StacyGRS says:

    Well, I think that they are not combined as certain classes are not offered. For instance, do they just not offer a ladies class? Or are they calling it a ladies or ama eng pleasure? The latter is more confusing, but the prize list should say how it is judged. I’d guess they’d lean toward judging it as the broader of the two specs…ama. So, yes, you could ride a stallion and it would be judged more like an ama class…just my guess. As for combining the ama and jr exb, all that is is making the class an “ama any age” class….to be judged as an ama class. I love these and wish we had more!

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