Wheat State

I showed at Wheat State my first time this year! I thought it was an awsome show ( I’m sad it is over). My mom showed at wheat state when she was a kid. She did good and her hopes for our first show alone was that we might get a ribbon or 2. we got more than 2 ribbons we got 3 1st, 1 2nd, 2 3rd, 1 4th, 1 fith and 2 6th!!!!! I realy want to thank Cathy Grimes for judging.

See you next year wheat state!

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  1. coloradogirl says:

    I’m glad you had fun at Wheat State this year. It’s a great show! Congrats on all your wonderful ribbons!

  2. allaboutmorgans says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Wheat State. It’s a wonderful show. However, I was very dissatisfied with Cathy Grimes’ judging. I didn’t have any horses at the show so I had plenty of time to sit in the bleachers and watch the classes. I watched numerous classes where she completely ignored some of the horses/riders in the class or just seem to pick her favorites when the horses came into the ring. In the amateur hunter pleasure championship, the champion blew up right in front of her and she still pinned the horse champion! That type of judging is uncalled for. I understand at times a horse or rider make a mistake behind the judge’s back and place when they shouldn’t have but when it happens right in front of a judge and the judge ignores the mistake, I get very upset. When will we ever find an honest judge? I think the best judge that Wheat State has ever had was Lyle Wick. Wish there were more like him around!!!! And what is with Cathy showing up to judge the show in capris and flip flops???

  3. eseybold21 says:

    I agree completely, I will not show under her again thats for sure. Inappropriate attire, inappropriate comments in the arena to exhibitors. Since when is (in her opinion) overweight a conformation fault? Crooked legs, ugly heads, long backs are faults, something changable like weight is not. I have already said to much, but I am not thrilled!

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